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Pork Chop the Pot Belly Pig
Pork Chop the Pot Belly Pig

Pork Chop gets a treat from Providence Road Market!


I stopped at Providence Road Market the other day on my way home from errands. I love this little produce stand! It’s just north of Waxhaw and everything is displayed so beautifully!

Providence Produce Market

Providence Produce Market

I was picking out a few ears of corn for supper and noticed that the market lady was cleaning extra husks from the corn and dropping them into a box. I told her that I have a pet pot belly pig and asked if I could have her discarded corn husks. She was so nice to put them in a bag for me to take home to Pork Chop. I got out my phone and showed her a picture of our Pork Chop….awww….she said, “He’s never going to BECOME a pork shop, right?” hahahah  Right! He’s a pet, not dinner!

I gave her our farm business card and I hope she subscribes to our farm blog and sees this post. Here is Pork Chop enjoying his treat. There is enough in the bag for 3 days! He’s a happy Pork Chop!


Pork Chop stopped eating to come to see me at the fence. He’s so cute! He talks all the time, too!


Providence Market Lady….he’s saying “Thank you!” 🙂


Pork Chop is our first pig so we’re learning a lot from him. He needs a strong fence, because he can use his teeth to chew through the wire on a dog pen (ask me how I know). He doesn’t need too much food because he has a slow metabolism, and he’s just like the rest of us….you know…eat more calories than you burn off and fat you will get. It’s not good for him to get overweight, so we feed him special feed just for mini pigs. Regular hog feed puts weight on hogs for slaughter, and we sure don’t want him to get fat. We feed him lots of veggies and even sweet gum leaves, and occasionally he gets watermelon rind and he loves tomatoes and cantaloupe. We don’t feed him table scraps, though I’m betting he would eat just about anything we give him. He’s a pig, after all. He doesn’t like cabbage (or anything in that family), and he doesn’t like summer squash or cucumbers. He’s dumps his water bucket to make a little mud puddle to roll in, and he poops in the same place in his pen. We clean that up 2x a day. He likes his Igloo dog house and has made a bed in it with the straw we gave him. Sometimes he carries his snacks into his house. He’s a cutie and not smelly at all.

Come see Pork Chop on Sunday afternoons from 1:00-5:00. You can see our other animals, too, and stock up on our own raw honey, lamb, blue and brown eggs, and other farm products. We have our own honey & beeswax soap, quilted goods, pottery, and more! Take a guided tour to learn about our animals, feed the chickens, and pick up eggs. We look forward to your visit!





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