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Sheep grazing in the evening
Sheep grazing in the evening

Peaceful Summer Evenings on Fox Farm


***Farm Open Sunday 1:00-5:00. Guided hay wagon ride tour 1:30 & 3:00. Call 803-804-3541 to reserve your spot!***

Our farm is so peaceful in the early evenings when we go out to do our evening chores. All the animals emerge from their shady, cooler spots where they’ve spent the heat of the day, and even the birds seem to be breathing a sigh of relief that evening has come. I love the soft light of early evening.

Chloe goes for her slow swim in the warm water of the pond. I know it makes her old bones and joints feel good.

Chloe Swimming in the early evening

Chloe is a very old girl and she’s having hip trouble and moves more slowly than she used to, but she’s still a happy girl.

Chloe is happy

You can see that the sheep are enjoying the lengthening shadows and the coolness they bring. They spend the heat of the day in the deep shade of the trees.

Sheep grazing in the evening

Clarence & Peanut Butter emerge from the woods to greet me. I have trouble getting good pictures of them because they are so curious about what I have in my hands. I guess they are hoping for a treat.

Clarence & Peanut Butter

An elderly friend gave me these shrubs years ago. It’s a flower called Altha.

Altha Flowers

Cookie is always happy, no matter the time of day.

Happy Cookie

Come see us on the farm this Sunday. We love having visitors. We’ll be open to the public from 1:00-5:00, and Farmer Bob will be giving his hay wagon guided tour at 1:30 and 3:00. Please call ahead to reserve your spot. 803-804-3541. It’s just $5 a person over 2 years old and takes about an hour and a half. That’s good family entertainment!

Our fresh eggs are $3.50/dozen, $10/three dozen, or $12/four dozen. Come stock up! They’re good for 6 weeks because they’re so fresh.

We have honey for sale! Come get our yummy local honey!

We’re at 5066 Rowell RD, Lancaster. Just around the corner! Come sit chat awhile in our rockers and enjoy the peace of our farm.



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