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Honeybee colony in a tree

Open Air Honeybee Colony to See!

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Earlier this summer, we had a swarm of honeybees that left their nice big hive in our apiary to fly straight up about 25 feet into a cedar tree before taking off for parts unknown. I just hated losing that swarm and I’ve been wondering ever since where it went. THIS, is most likely where! Farmer Bob found it while he was on his tractor yesterday. It’s beautiful! And big!

open air honeybee hive

Open air honeybee hive up in the tree

You can easily see it from the ground, and the bees are just going about their business and are not defensive, so this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a beautiful open air honeybee hive will be part of our Guided Farm Tour today.

Wax comb on an open air honeybee hive

Look at all the beautiful wax comb!

This kind of colony is rare in our climate since we have winters that are cold and wet and icy, and it’s doubtful an unprotected colony like this would survive till spring.

Honeybee colony in a tree

These bees have been busy all summer!

This colony is in Clarence’s pasture…why didn’t he tell me about the newcomers to his neighborhood????


Come bring your phones and cameras and take lots of pictures of this beautiful open air honeybee hive.  After you’ve scratched Clarence’s ears, of course! 🙂 (We’ll be moving this colony of bees to their new home after market is over today, so today is your only chance to see it.)

Our farm market is open this afternoon from 1:00-5:00, and Farmer Bob’s guided tour begins at 2:00 and takes about an hour and a half. It’s still just $5 for each person over 2 years old. That’s a deal!

We have our pure, raw, local honey for sale in our market, and the hand crafted soaps that I make from our honey and beeswax.  We have fresh-from-the-hen house blue and brown eggs (and you can buy the eggs you pick up from the hen house when you take the tour), and our own delicious leg-of-lamb and other cuts such as racks, chops, stew meat, and ground lamb for the best lamb burgers ever. And QUILTS! Boy, do we have quilts! All sizes and fabulously priced quilts from wall hangings for $50 to queen size with shams and dresser scarves for $350! Every person who joins Farmer Bob for the guided tour gets a yummy honey treat at the end. 🙂

We are at 5066 Rowell RD, Lancaster…less than a 30 minute drive from Lancaster, Monroe, and Waxhaw, and about 45 minutes from Rock Hill and Charlotte. GPS will bring you to our door! We have public facilities and a hand washing station because we know you will want to pet Pork Chop the pot belly pig, play with Cookie (below), pick up eggs from the hen house, scratch Clarence’s ears, and touch Wile E. Coyote. 🙂 Our livestock guardian dogs, dairy goats, breeding ewes and rams and young sheep will come running when Farmer Bob calls for feeding time! It’s going to be another beautiful day on Fox Trot Farm!

Cookie loves visitors!
Happy Cookie

farm market

Dianne Mahaffee honey pots, soap dishes, and Jantzen Crook's hand made cotton spa cloths

Dianne Mahaffee honey pots, soap dishes, and Jantzen Crook’s hand made cotton spa cloths


Fox Trot Farm Muth Honey Jar

Fox Trot Farm Muth Honey Jar

pot belly pig

Pork Chop “pigging out”


sheep being fed

Sheep coming to be fed

honey and beeswax soap at fox trot farm

Honey & Beeswax Soap at Fox Trot Farm



Can’t wait to see you today!

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  1. Thanks for posting this and making it sharable. This is an opportunity for many to see or western honey bees in a somewhat rare occurrence. Don’t forget to mention other species of honey bees do nest in this configuration but it is not typical of apis mellifera. Thanks again.

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