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Labeled Honey & Beeswax Soap
Labeled Honey & Beeswax Soap

New Soaps for Christmas Shoppers & an Outing with a Friend


Oh my! I have wrapped and labeled 48 pounds of fresh honey & beeswax soap and will bring it all with me to the Waxhaw Farmers Market on Saturday! Get ready….one…two…three….

Ta Da!!!!!!

Labeled Honey & Beeswax Soap

Oh my goodness! We’ve got four of our most popular: the manly, spicy Country Gent, fresh as a spring morning Country Clean, nourishing to the skin Goat Milk & Oatmeal (let’s thank our Nubian dairy boat Trist for the milk!), and Achiote, which is naturally exfoliating and leaves winter skin feeling so clean and lovely without any added scent.  New for this season are the gilded bars of Spiced Pumpkin (wait till you see the shimmering swirls!), the bright Berry Luscious, whose very aroma will make your mouth water, and the very rich and subtle aroma of Midnight Pomegranate, which is absolutely beautiful with its dark green and burgundy swirls, perfect for the holiday guest bath. We KNOW there is something in this selection for everyone’s taste. I’ll even put your soaps in one of our pretty gift bags so you don’t have to wrap your gift!

I was able to get these bars all labeled this afternoon after my good friend, fellow farmer and soap maker, and neighbor Beth treated me to a fun outing for lunch and shopping. (I have orders from the doctor not to drive so I appreciate my friends taking me out more than they can imagine!) We had lunch first, then I introduced her to two of my favorite shops. (More details later about the first shop.)

The Quilt Patch was just beautiful today. I swear, it was dressed up prettier than ever, with lots of projects for inspiration. Isn’t this just adorable?


This wall hanging is a mass of tiny pieces and fussy cutting….and I think it’s stunning! It’s a landscape of a medieval village with a castle and a drawbridge, horse, chickens, shops, and all kinds of surprises!

Picture Quilt

Beth immediately thought of the self-guided tour map we have for our farm, and suggested that I could design a quilt like this using our map.

Fox Trot Farm Tour Map

What a great idea, but I’m not certain I’m skilled enough to transfer my roughly drawn map into a quilt . Honestly, what a daunting task! But I have to admit that I have nothing but time on my “hand” (hahaha) right now. I just might give it a go.

Speaking of our tour, Sunday is to be sunny and in the mid 70s! Wow! What a perfect day to come to the farm for a tour and shopping! We’ll have honey, all our lamb meat selections, and, of course, 48 pounds of our honey & beeswax soap! Our market hours are 1-5, and Farmer Bob’s guided interactive tour is at 2:00

Hope to see you at the Waxhaw Farmers Market on Saturday morning and/or at our farm on Sunday for more shopping and a tour!



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