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Our New Hayride Wagon!


Farmer Bob’s been looking for a hay wagon for some time now. He wants to eventually have hay wagon rides for our visitors. Won’t that be fun? He found one and picked it up this past week. Here it is:

Our “new” hay wagon

Isn’t she pretty? It has really good “bones” and all the wood is in excellent shape. He’s ordered new tires, and then he’ll build benches so our visitors will have a comfy place to sit, and rails so nobody will fall off. He’s going to pull it with his cute little vintage tractor. I can’t wait to take a ride!

This past week I hurt my back…we think it was a combination of moving fences, then sitting in a class the following day, and then lifting something awkward into my truck. The next morning I was in misery. Farmer Bob did the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market (WFM) himself this morning and he did a GREAT job! He was REALLY busy, but still managed to converse with our customers and he had a great time. It’s wonderful that we get so many compliments on the quality of our eggs, and have so many return customers!

Last week, before my back injury, I had the idea to make reusable tote bags from our pretty feed bags. (We’ve been saving them because they’re just too nice to throw away and I just KNEW I could use them for something!) Well, the Waxhaw Farmers Market Board said we couldn’t sell them at the market, but we’ll sell them here on the farm. One of our customers this morning bought 13 dozen eggs at the WFM, and since Bob had this chicken feed bag and a pig feed bag there (I’d given them to the market manager as samples to show the board and she returned them with the “No” response), they sure came in handy for Bob to give our customer for her big egg purchase. She does a lot of business with us, so she’ll bring them back to use again and again. Here’s my first sample bag. We think it’s a great recycle idea, don’t you?

Feed Bag Tote Bag

Recycled Feed Bag Tote Bag

We’ve really been enjoying being part of the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market. If you go to their Facebook page, you’ll see that they promote our small farm business, and we really appreciate that. Here’s a picture they put right at the top:

Fox Trot Farm Honey

See those cute little honey bears? They’re new this season and are perfect for little gifts for friends and children. Those little bears are about all the honey we have left till we harvest again in late June. 

We were told we can’t sell our honey sticks either, and we know there are disappointed children, but we still sell them at the farm. They are a hit with young and old alike!

Honey Sticks

I’ve been busy making our luxurious oversized spa washcloths and, even though we’re not allowed to sell those anymore at the WFM, we have them for sale every Sunday at the farm. I’ve got lots and lots of new colors to go with all the new honey and beeswax soaps we are offering. Here are a few:

Cotton Spa Washcloths

Our luxurious cotton spa washcloths

These things we can’t sell because they weren’t on our original application, so we’ll petition the board to see if we can continue to sell them since all these farm goods have been quite popular with our customers. In the meantime, come see us on the farm for all our goods! 

Tomorrow (Sunday, April 22), we’ll have eggs, honey, honey sticks, lamb, and a full selection of our handmade honey and beeswax soap and cotton spa washcloths. My friend and farm sitter, Amy will be helping me, and everyone is welcome to stroll the paths and lane and explore the farm. It’s going to be a gorgeous day on Fox Trot Farm!

Our farm market hours are Sundays from 1:00-5:00, weather permitting. Usually Farmer Bob gives a guided tour at 2:00, but he’ll be visiting with our son in Florida tomorrow and, since I have this back issue, I’ll just show everyone around close to the house and then you’re welcome to enjoy our farm on your own after that, no charge for a tour tomorrow. All the critters will be happy to see you!



  1. Love the feed bag totes! So sorry to hear about your back. Hope it’s better by next week.

  2. I absolutely adore the feed bag totes! They are the perfect item for the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market, so I don’t understand why they turned down your request to sell them. WTH?

    • I don’t know. I didn’t ask. I suppose they didn’t like them or didn’t think that the customers would find any value there….who knows? It’s ok. We’re enjoying the heck out of every farmer’s market day and all the friendly customers who come to do business with us. 🙂

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