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Mother's Day Visitors to Fox Trot Farm
Mother's Day Visitors to Fox Trot Farm

Mother’s Day on Fox Trot Farm


We had a GREAT Mother’s Day on Fox Trot Farm! It started with a delicious breakfast prepared by Farmer Bob. Our own yummy eggs, served with cheesy grits, crispy bacon, and toasted homemade biscuits. On the side was a bowl of fresh strawberries and bananas. What a great way to start the day!


Then came our farm market and visitors who arrived in time for the 2:00 guided tour! Oh my! What a fun time we had! Farmer Bob and I are usually so busy talking that we forget to take pictures, so we always appreciate when our visitors later share the pictures they take. Here are some that Farmer Bob and I took. The darling little boy, Ollie, was so adorable and excited about all the animals. He heard the lambs bleating and exclaimed, “I hear seeps!!!” hahahaha


Visitors to Fox Trot FarmVisitors on the Farm Tour

Mother's Day Visitors to Fox Trot Farm

This is my friend Susan, who I met at our Featherweight Lover’s Retreat at The Homeplace B&B this past February. Her husband is an Army chaplain, and for this visit she brought her husband so we could meet him, too. Years ago, when they were stationed in Hawaii, they hired a young girl to babysit their children. That young girl is now a young mother, married to an ER physician and living in Charlotte! They met Susan and her husband here for a tour, and Ollie and his baby brother Max are their little boys. We loved having them here and hope for more pictures to share.


Susan is so thoughtful…she surprised me with something I’ve wanted for years: a vintage egg scale. Farmer Bob suggested that I should start a collection and I agree! I’ll be on the lookout for more scales, so if you see one for sale, please let me know.  Here’s my first, thanks to Susan:

Vintage Egg Scale on Fox Trot Farm

It’s such good timing…my aunt and I were just talking about the scale my grandfather used and I said I sure wish I had that scale. This isn’t his, but the next best thing, as Aunt Ina said it’s just like the one he used. Actually, who knows? Sometimes things find their way home. 🙂

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with good food, family, friends, and surprises! Thanks to our family, friends, customers and visitors who helped make it a special day.




  1. What a nice gift from Susan! I’ll keep my eyes open for any in my neck of the woods.

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