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children feeding chickens on fox trot farm
children feeding chickens on fox trot farm

Monroe Park & Rec Tour and New Lambs!

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Wow, did we ever have a good time yesterday with this Monroe Park & Rec group! The children were absolutely delightful, and so were their adult chaperones.

I think Farmer Bob was trying to make a scary coyote face here. hahaha The children loved seeing a coyote (stuffed) up close. They were all so polite, and asked very good questions.

Wiley Coyote Farmer Bob was able to catch a lamb for the children to pet. Some of the children were afraid to come into the pasture, but these kids were excited to be able to pet a lamb!

Farmer Bob and Lamb
Our visitors got to see newborn lambs, too. One set was born that very day! We didn’t bother this mother and her new babies.

newborn lambs
One thing the children learned was to approach our animals slowly and quietly so they wouldn’t scare them. They were so good with the chickens, listening to Farmer Bob’s instructions, so they were able to see the chickens up close, and pick up eggs from the hen house, too.

If you’re a city kid, one of the really fun things to do on Fox Trot Farm is run down the lane. Even if you’re a country kid, that’s a fun thing to do. Of course, I asked the chaperones first if it was ok with them, then I told the children to have a good run and meet us back at the buses. Most of them took off like a streak of lightning! 

Sometimes our tour groups bring snacks. This tour was right before lunch, so everyone sat down and enjoyed lunch together after the tour. They asked me questions while they were eating, and there were very good questions asked! I had to leave then for an appointment, but Farmer Bob took over with the Q&A and he said they all had a good time.

Tour group eating lunch on Fox Trot Farm
One of the funny stories that came out of this tour was of the little boy who found a possum skull on the ground over on the Back Forty. He asked me if he could keep it, then stuck it in his pocket to take it home. Farmer Bob said that after lunch, the little boy pulled all the possum’s teeth out. When Farmer Bob asked him what he was going to do with those teeth, he told him that he was going to put them under his pillow to see if the Tooth Fairy would leave him money. hahahaha

Our flowers are so pretty right now that I had to share this one. 

Pretty begonia

We have another tour group coming in the morning, so stay tuned for more pictures of cute kids having fun on Fox Trot Farm.

If you’d like to schedule a private guided educational tour for a group of 10 or more, just give me a call. 803-804-3541


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  1. Love the tooth fairy part of the story!

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