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Memorial Day Weekend at Fox Trot Farm


***It’s a beautiful Memorial Day Sunday at Fox Trot Farm! Our farm market is open to the public from 1:00-5:00 this afternoon, May 28th, and our guided tour begins at 2:00!***

Home made Amish Friendship Bread and pound cakes all made with our own honey!

honey and beeswax soap at fox trot farm

Honey & Beeswax Soap at Fox Trot Farm

Saturday was a very busy day! We now have an apprentice, and I’ll have more about that on a future post. Yesterday was Emily’s second day working with us, and she was a great help. We wormed sheep, vaccinated lambs, and tagged ears, and then cleaned out brooder houses and moved one down to the yard. Emily helped get that project done, too, and helped me move the new chicks into their house. They were so thrilled with all the space, and flitted and fluttered all over their house. You can see them when you come to the farm.

Memorial Day Weekend on Fox Trot Farm

Cookie is our little farm mascot, always ready for a belly rub from friends and strangers alike. She loves children, too. Such a calm and sweet little girl, it’s hard to believe she was a rescue. We are so lucky to have her and she loves her life here on our farm.


Gracie sure is growing fast! I’ve started halter training her because I won’t always be able to just pick her up to put here where I want her to be. She still follows me around, step for step, and loves cuddles. Getting her back into her pen is a challenge, however, because she’d much rather stay with me. Although she “helps” me with many of my outside chores, I draw the line at her coming into the house (except for a brief visit for me to grab a hat or something like that). She’s not that different from human children in that she doesn’t always understand why I want her to do something, or not do something, but she needs to do what I want even if she doesn’t understand. As she gets bigger and heavier, being able to lead her willingly will be crucial, since she’s going to be one of our farm ambassadors to welcome visitors.

Gracie on Fox Trot Farm

It’s hard to beat our farm fresh eggs because our hens enjoy a life in the sunshine and fresh air of our farm, and it shows in the deep hue of the yolks and tight albumen of the whites. I use them in all my baking because they are so fresh and full of nature’s goodness. We hope you will, too! They are STILL just $3.50/dozen or 4 dozen for $12. Can you believe it?


This Memorial Day we hope that you will be proud to fly our American flag and remember all those brave Americans who have given their lives so that we may continue to live in the greatest country on Earth. I tuck little flags into tiny corners of our house and we also fly Old Glory proudly from our front porch. It’s such an honor to be an American.


Come see us on the farm every Sunday afternoon from 1:00-5:00. Our guided tour is at 2:00, and the farm market is full of Granny Bee’s baked goods, our very own processed lamb and fresh free hens’ brown and blue eggs, soaps and spa wash cloths, and lovely items from our Fox Trot Farm Quilt Shop. 


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