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Sheep on Fox Trot Farm
Sheep on Fox Trot Farm

Meet Martha & Pork Chop!


We’ve added a pot belly pig and a Leicester Longwool ewe to our farm!

Farmer Bob and I do want to get pigs eventually (after he retires), but when my friend called to tell me someone dropped a pot belly pig off at her farm and her horses didn’t get along with it…did I want it…I talked it over with Farmer Bob and we decided to give him a try. Easier to learn about pigs from one little one, is the way we figured. So, I picked up Pork Chop in his crate and brought him home! Here he is:

Potty Belly Pig

Pork Chop

He’s so foreign to me…I’ve never had a pig! But his cute and friendly personality has grown on me! I think he might have been hand raised…maybe in a house…because he is content to be in a crate and comes right over to be petted. He doesn’t jump on me or try to bite, and he LOVES tomatoes and corn cobs and cantaloupe and watermelon. He loves to eat! He’s a PIG! hahahaha When you come to visit, he’ll come right up to his fence to be petted…ever felt a pig’s bristles? I think we’ll keep him!

You might remember Gracie, my bottle baby lamb that I’ve hand raised this spring. If you’ve been here on a Sunday afternoon for market or a tour, you’ve seen her following me around like a little puppy dog. Well, she’s getting older and needs a buddy to keep her company. (Sheep are social animals and hate being alone.) I asked my friend Mary of Cranberry Creek Fibers, who has wool sheep, if she might have a young one that she wants to sell. She didn’t, but she did have an older ewe that she wasn’t planning to breed anymore and would sell her to me. She said she’s very affectionate and loves to be petted, so I thought that would be PERFECT for Gracie AND for our farm visitors!

Thursday I went to Mary’s farm to learn how to clip and bathe Martha. Our sheep are hair sheep and I don’t have to do a thing other than have a shearer come in in the early spring to tidy them up a bit. Martha is going to have long wool, and it’s going to be beautiful! She was brown looking when I got there but, after an hour and a half or so of bathing and clipping, this is what she looked like:

Martha the Leicester Longwool

Martha getting her spa treatment


We picked a good day to play in the water as it was 96 degrees or so! I didn’t mind getting soaking wet at all, and Martha was so happy after her hair spa treatment!

Farmer Bob and I fixed up the bigger round pen with the sheep shed he’d built, and we brought Martha home and moved Gracie in with her. They are getting used to each other now. I don’t think that Gracie knows she’s a sheep..she still wants to be with me ALL the time, and I’ll still get her out of her pen to spend time with me every day. Instinct will kick in, though, and she and Martha will bond. Here they are, vying for my attention:

Sheep on Fox Trot Farm

Gracie & Martha

When you come to the farm this afternoon (or any Sunday afternoon), you can pet both Gracie and Martha, and feel Martha’s luxurious wool!

Martha is of a breed called Leicester Longwool, that was popular in American Colonial days. Her breed is classified as “critically rare” by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, and Martha was bred in Colonial Williamsburg from the original foundation stock in America, so we think she’s special in many ways. If you want to read more about this breed, click HERE.

We’re open for business this afternoon, Sunday July 23rd (and every Sunday unless posted otherwise), from 1:00-5:00. Our guided tour begins at 2:00 and will take about 1 1/2-2 hours, and is mostly in the shade. There are free honey treats at the end of the tour, and the cost is just $5 for each person 2 years and older.

At our farm market we have our own raw honey for sale, our own lamb (processed at a certified humane and USDA inspected facility), our pasture raised hens’ blue and brown eggs, premium soaps made by me with our own honey and beeswax, pottery, quilted goods and more!

We are located at 5066 Rowell RD, Lancaster, just south of Waxhaw by about 25 minutes, about the same distance from Monroe, too, and 20 minutes from Lancaster. Please call or text 803-804-3541 with any questions you might have.

Hope to see you soon!






  1. Interested in a tour during fall break w/ children that attend year round schools
    Do you do weekday tours? Is the cost $5.00 per person? Would that include staff as well?

    • Yes, we do weekday tours by reservation. The fee includes a honey treat, public rest room and hand washing station. I’ll work with you to tailor the tour to your curriculum needs. If staff brings groups on different days, then the staff members just pay for one tour. (We find that staff participates in our hands on tour just as much as the students do!) If you would like to come by, I’ll be happy to talk with you more and show you what our farm has to offer your students. Just give me a call or text me at 803-804-3541 for a day and time that would be convenient for you.

      Thanks! 🙂

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