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surprise birthday party
surprise birthday party

Our Market is Closed on Sunday, September 24th


I know this is short notice, but Farmer Bob really got me good….threw a surprise birthday party for me Friday night! My good friend Donna helped him, and she got this picture of me the moment I walked in the door. How funny! You can see that I just couldn’t process seeing all those friends together in the same room!

surprise party look

Good heavens, when I saw our son and his family, I just lost it! hahaha

When I saw Margo!

When I saw Margo!

Bob and Donna thought of EVERYTHING to make my evening special. Donna made this big banner and everyone signed it. I have yet to go back through all the special and thoughtful gifts everyone brought me. I didn’t think to take notes so I hope I can remember who sent me what for Thank You cards this week!

surprise birthday party

Opening gifts with my family and friends

See the gal in the picture above with the black and white top on? She came the whole way from Jacksonville, FL! Our son and his family came from Panama City Beach! Boy, was I ever surprised! Can you blame me for shedding a few tears of joy?

Donna Weaver helped Bob pull this surprise off. She tried to be sneaky, and it’s just so funny that I ran into her while she was shopping for all the supplies to decorate the tables. hahahaha

My friend Donna

Thank you, Donna!

Yesterday we had a relaxing day on the farm. The kids got to feed the animals and drive the golf cart, and we went fishing, too. Farmer Bob and I NEVER take time to go fishing, and we had a great time. Rob and Amanda had fun with the animals and fishing, too.

Margo with the Bunnies

Margo with the Bunnies

I have a picture somewhere of our son Rob in this same tree when he was Eli’s age!

Eli was happy to be in the maple tree

Eli was happy to be in the maple tree




A big thank you to all my friends and family who have made this big Six-O birthday the most special birthday ever! Your thoughtfulness has really touched my heart. 

Needless to say, we’ll be having a family fun day today, so no farm market. I’ll be here tomorrow (Monday) if anyone would like to stop by to stock up on lamb, honey, or eggs. 🙂



  1. Oh, how wonderful !!! The memories will last forever…..great pictures to have on hand to visit now & then over the coming years !

    Where was the surprise held? Bob &Donna did a good job pulling that surprise off…..They got you good !!!

    60 only comes around once & yours will certainly be remembered !!

    Love you,
    A, Ina

  2. What a GREAT evening! Your face was absolutely priceless when you walked in the door. I am so glad we were able to pull this off….you are a hard one to surprise. As I told you, I hope these memories last forever in your heart! Happy 60th birthday, Debbie! ❤️

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