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Cookie loves visitors!
Cookie loves visitors!

Mama Duck leaves her nest and Cookie’s a happy pup!


If anyone tries to tell you that dogs don’t smile, just show them this picture of Cookie!

Cookie is happy

Happy Cookie

You may remember that Cookie was caught stealing eggs from our Mama duck’s nest and so was grounded. Look how pitiful she was:

A disappointed and confused Cookie

A disappointed and confused Cookie

Mama Duck left her nest early in the morning and, when we looked, some of the eggs were missing and the rest were rotten. We don’t know what happened. It could be that some ducklings hatched and were eaten by our cats or a wild animal. We just don’t know. We DO know that Cookie is happy to be allowed to run and play with the rest of our dog pack while we’re outside working. She did check the duck nest, though. She loves raw eggs. Ugh!

Farmer Bob has been mowing the pastures. We’ve had a nice bit of rain all summer long, which has held off our normal summer drought. In the past, we’ve even had to take the sheep off the pastures to keep them from overgrazing the sparse, dry grass. Not this year!

Here you can see that Bob had to put the rams and Turk into the round pen while he mowed. They were being too “helpful.”

Turk and his rams in the round pens on Fox Trot Farm

Turk and his rams in the round pen

See how pretty the grass is? It’s a LOT of work to maintain a farm our size, with just the two of us doing the work. We have things kind of split up. Farmer Bob operates all the heavy equipment and does all the mowing. It’s a good thing he enjoys that kind of work. He does the building, too, of our animal dwellings and my bee hive boxes (I paint them). Sometimes I hold things for him or fetch things, but he does the sawing and hammering and design work. We both do the feeding and cleaning of pens and sheds and other dwellings. I do the baking and website development and all the marketing. I also do the beekeeping, packaging, labeling, all the state government approvals and exemptions, quilting and crafting, and that sort of thing. There is a lot involved in our small farm business!

When Farmer Bob eventually retires from his career job, then he’ll be able to do his work during the day and maybe we won’t eat supper at 9:00 every evening! Sometimes I think about all we do and just thinking about it makes me tired. We sure do enjoy our farm work, though, and we love sharing the farm with our friends and visitors!

You can come see us on Sunday afternoons. Check out the Farm Tour page of our website.

Thelma says “hey!”

Maremma Guardian Dog Thelma

Thelma being silly



  1. Thelma looks like a Pyrenees 🙂 I have a Pyrenees/beagle mix….yep you sure read that right. love her

    • Hahaha….I bet that took some “doing!” 🙂 Does she chase rabbits?
      Thelma is a Maremma sheep dog, which is a breed that does the same kind of job of guarding sheep that Great Pyrenees dogs do. Maremmas are an Italian breed. We raised her from a pup and she’s a very good dog. Her coat doesn’t get as long and full as the GP’s coats generally do, so it doesn’t have that issue with matting. I still groom her in the spring to get the winter coat cleaned out, but that’s all I do. We love her.

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