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How to make baby African Violets

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I love African violets but I forgot about my favorite one and left it outside late last fall, and it succumbed to an early frost. Ugh! I wanted another one but I didn’t want to get just an ordinary one from a big box store, and didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for one from a specialty store, either. The solution: make my own baby African violets from leaves!

My friend Pam has gorgeous AVs (African Violets). She had a VERY puzzled look when I asked if I could take a couple of leaves from her violets, but she humored me. I also have a blogger friend, Jo (subscribe to HER blog…I love it), and she sent me a few of her leaves, and one was a variegated leaf!

I made a fresh cut in the stem of each leaf, and tucked the ends into a small pot filled with special potting soil designed just for AVs. I kept it moist and out of direct sun. That’s all you have to do…


then wait! In several weeks, you see tiny leaves popping through the soil…


…and soon there are enough new leaves that you can cut off the original leaf. Voila!


At this point, the plants are very delicate babies. I’ll let them get a bit stronger, and then I’ll transplant them in these pots I found at Lowe’s for 1/2 price. They are just for AVs, and I’ve had the best results from this kind of pot.


AVs like moist soil, but don’t let it get soggy or the plant will rot. With these pots, you fill the large outer container with water to the fill line, and then slide the inner pot (with the AV) into the outer. The porous crockery liner will allow the water to penetrate into the soil as the violet needs it. No danger of over watering. Just remember to keep water in that bottom, and you can even add AV fertilizer to the water according to the label directions.

Here’s a picture of my AV that I lost. I can’t wait to see my new violets in full bloom!



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  1. Looking GREAT!! I am so happy you were able to get some babies.

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