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Premature lambs
Premature lambs

The Ladies are Still in Waiting

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Lambing isn’t an exact science for us. We have three rams that we put in with three different groups of ewes, and the girls definitely respond to the rams’ ability to woo them into coming in season and breeding. We’ve had one set of lambs born prematurely and they are doing great. Their mom is a very good, experienced mom, and the lambs are having races with each other now. They are so adorable.

Premature lambs

Then there are the ewes that are pretty much on target. We expect them to lamb later this month or maybe early October. See how dry it is here? Ugh. There is so much dust and all the animals look like they could use a shower. Between all the blowing dust and pollen, lots of us are having sinus issues. There is another group that looks as if they won’t be lambing till late October, but just look at these poor girls.

Scary news this morning when we watched the weather. A category four hurricane may be headed our way. It looks like it’s making a bee line to our coast. I’m getting flashbacks to Hurricane Hugo, when we had a ridiculous amount of damage here and all our fencing destroyed. The local media tends to get hysterical about “possible” weather events, so we’ll just wait and see what happens. But LOOK! (Our farm is just south of the line below the “a” in Hatteras.)

Tropical Storm Florence 

In the meantime, Mother Nature is adding the always unexpected beauty of spider lilies in the yard. They leaf out in the spring, then die back, and this time of year, they flower. A stalk shoots up out of the ground and blooms into a beautiful flower. Kind of makes me think of those fireworks that blossom into a big, round spray. Every year, I determine that I’ll dig them up and move them to the flower beds, and every year I don’t. (You really have trouble finding them except when they are blooming.) Instead, I tell Bob to PLEASE mow around the flowers. hahaha I’m not even going to pretend that I’m going to dig them up this year, I have so much going on. Here are some pictures. You might even see some growing in a ditch along the road. Not a native flower but, rather, an escapee from a flower bed.

Spider Lilies

It sure has been hot, and my ankle is really hurting. I had my left foot reconstructed back in 2010 and every once in a while that ankle gets so sore that it hurts to walk. It just stinks getting older because there is so much I want to do and my body is objecting more and more at the MOST inopportune times. Thank goodness I can sit and stay busy! I have a mascot, too! Kyra is a great helper.

Kyra Helping Quilt

Farmer Bob came home from a business trip yesterday with what appears to be a torn tendon in his right arm. Oh well….just another bump in the road, right? He’s going to see his doctor this week to get a professional diagnosis (a REAL MD and not just a WebMD) and we’ll know more after that. I can’t lift heavy feed bags due to my back issue, and now he can only lift with his left arm so he’ll need help with chores, too. We have sheep to worm today and feed to unload…we’ll figure it out between the two of us.

On a happy note, we’ll be open this Sunday from 1:00-5:00 and we’ll have honey and soap and eggs and other goodies in the market. Farmer Bob will be doing his hay wagon ride tours at 1:30 & 3:30 and they’re just $5/each over two years old, and they take about an hour and a half. You get to pet the animals and learn about our farm AND feed the chickens and pick up eggs. Please do call ahead if you can, or text me, to reserve a seat on the wagon. It holds just 10 people at a time. 803-804-3541 is my cell number.

Right now the weather forecast is 84° for Sunday, so it should be a gorgeous early autumn day here on the farm!

Hay Wagon Ride




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  1. Good luck with Bob’s arm and your ankle as well!
    Turmeric is anti inflammatory, you may want to try that

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