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It’s a Beeeeeautiful Spring!


It’s spring at last on Fox Trot Farm, and a busy time for the beekeeper! The good folks in the Wateree Beekeepers Association made a long trip into Georgia to bring back packages of bees to stock apiaries from Charleston to Lancaster. Each package was
filled with thousands of bees, and also included a queen and her attendants in a little cage. Here’s a picture of the arrival 200 packages of bees in Camden, on a beautiful and warm spring Saturday.


I installed two packages of bees in two new hives in the apiary at Fox Trot Farm, and they are settling in nicely. You can see the empty packages on the ground in front of the new hives, and you can also see some of the girls exploring the outside of their new homes.


The second and fourth hives from the left are the new ones. The tall one is the oldest, and I’ve already made one “split” from it. The Fox Trot Farm apiary is growing!

I give them a pep talk daily. Farmer Bob likes honey in his tea, so they’d better get busy!

Camellia Pollen

Lots of pollen on this beautiful camellia blossom for the honeybees to collect!








  1. Oooooh, wouldn’t fresh honey taste good on hot buscuits ?? Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it….just thinking about it !!
    Looks like a perfect setting with fresh flowers nearby….they’ll love their new home ! Perfect !

  2. Good job Debbie!

  3. Good to see honey bees!!!

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