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Sheep Shed
Sheep Shed

It’s a hot day on Fox Trot Farm, but our animals are cool!


***We’re open today from 1:00-5:00, and Farmer Bob is conducting his fun guided tour at 2:00.
Take an easy stroll down our country lane and enjoy the farm!***


It’s looking like this will be a toasty week, so Farmer Bob and his friend and farm helper Ed got busy building some extra shade for our young yews.

Sheep Shed

It feels 20 degrees cooler in the shade!

Sheep Shed

They are going to build one of these in each pasture, and we will use them during lambing season for expectant ewes when the weather is going to be bad. Since we are lambing now in the early winter, there is the possibility of births during freezing rain, and that’s deadly for newborns. We will put up panels on the outside walls of the shed if needed, and being able to confine these moms will be life-saving for their babies.

Cookie found a cool spot to watch from the deep grass. This has been a great spring season for growing grass!

Cookie in the shade

Look who doesn’t mind the heat! Babies! My begonia leaf was covered with them, and they soon hopped off to go into the big wide world and make their own way.  Here are a few on the tip of a leaf. Many more were on the underside.

Baby Praying Mantis

This last one is ready to make her giant leap.

Back to the begonias, we over wintered them this year in the green house and they not only survived, but they thrived. Just look!

begonia on the deck

begonia on the deck

Even the African Violets in the sunroom are happy!

african violet

Gracie isn’t working too hard in this heat. She lays right under the manger and just reaches up to grab a snack when the mood strikes her.


Farmer Bob will be conducting his guided tour this afternoon at 2:00. It takes about an hour and a half because it’s interactive with the animals, you get to feed the chickens and pick up eggs, pet Pork Chop the pig and Gracie the ewe, and experience real farm life. It’s still just $5/each over 2 years old, and you get a free honey treat at the end. We have sanitary facilities and a handwashing station, as well as a place to sit in the shade.

We look forward to your visit!








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  2. Do you have summer job opportunities for teens to get hands on farm experience?

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