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Holly blooms
Holly blooms

Holly isn’t just for Christmas; it’s for chickens, too!


blooming holly with chickens

This season when everyone’s crowing about holly, our chickens are especially happy because their big holly tree blooms just before the hard freezes set in. It’s the last flower that our honeybees forage, too, before retreating into their hives for the winter. These flowers are just beautiful, and their aroma is strong and floral. The bees go crazy over them!

Holly blooms

It’s unusual for the chickens to hang out in the tree when the weather is sunny, UNLESS they are stealing honeybee “snacks.”

Chickens in the holly

The blooms are gone now and the honeybees are tucked into their hives for the night. The chickens are roosting in the holly tree, and Farmer Bob and I are bottling honey and making Christmas treats.

Soon we’ll say goodbye to 2018 and welcome the new year. I’ll be getting my cast off, there will be retirement for Farmer Bob, new buildings on the farm, a new companion pony for Clarence, a new batch of laying hens, increasing our honeybee hives, and we’ll be adding hogs to our farm menagerie. I’m looking forward to fun retreats with my quilting friends, old and new, family vacations and a bit of exciting travel with Farmer Bob.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a new year filled with many blessings. We look forward to your visits to the farm, too!

Farmer Bob & Debbie

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