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Birthday Card
Birthday Card

Hey, Ewes Guys! And News from the Farm


Isn’t this just the cutest birthday card ever???? Farmer Bob’s cousin Carol sent it to me for my birthday.

Birthday Card

News from the farm:

-Farmer Bob continues to improve and is finding his arm brace uncomfortable. Of course it is! Only 3 1/2 more weeks till it comes off, and then PT begins.

-Our friend Ed did a great job mowing the grass and with all the landscaping . He and Farmer Bob cleaned up and stored lots of empty bee boxes. Thank you so much for your help Ed!

-We have two group tours scheduled for this week and are looking forward to having our visitors here and making new friends. Maybe there will be new babies for them to see! 

-We worked our bees Saturday evening, getting them ready for winter. I found out that mosquitoes can’t bite me through my beekeeper’s suit! I’ll be bottling more honey today.

-We will be taking lambs for processing in a couple of weeks and will be fully restocked by the end of the month.

-We’ll be returning to the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market on October 27th to sell our eggs and soap and take preorders for lamb.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year on the farm and we’re looking forward to cooler weather and hope it comes soon! Come see us on Sunday afternoons when our farm market is open. Guided tour at 2:00. Group tours by reservation. Call ahead to pick up eggs during the week. 803-804-3541.



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