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Welcome to our farm.


Young Ewes on Fox Trot Farm

Our First Ewes on Fox Trot Farm


Welcome to our farm….and our adventure! Last February we brought home twenty yearling Dorper/Katahdin ewes and began our adventure raising sheep on our farm in South Carolina. Our goal is to breed a healthy and happy flock of sheep and to stock our deep chest freezers with prime free range lamb to sell to discerning customers who think it’s important to be able to meet the farmers who provide their food, and find out first hand how the livestock is raised. These are our first little girls. Now they are grown mothers and are sharing a pasture with a registered full blood Dorper ram from the famous Powell Ranch in Texas, so we’re on our way to breeding registered Dorpers.

In the process of learning about our new sheep, we still planted our large (for us) garden and sold an abundance of organically-grown produce.


Nature’s Bounty on Fox Trot Farm


Our sheep gave birth to lambs (they made it look so easy!) and the babies were adorable and fun to watch. Our flock of twenty more than doubled!


First Birth, Spring 2014, on Fox Trot Farm

Almost right off the bat, we got a “bottle baby” when a ewe stepped on this little guy’s leg and broke it. Now we know how to fashion a splint for a broken leg. This is Louie. He lived his first three weeks in a Rubbermaid tub in the house, being bottle fed four times a day. Now he’s grown, and he’s our farm pet and loves to be scratched and petted. He was such a precious baby!

Louiel the Lamb

Louie, our First Bottle Baby

We bought a small chicken coop and a mixture of heritage breed chickens to start our flock for eggs and meat. We have eight hens and three roosters…a start, anyway!


Some of our Laying Hens on Fox Trot Farm

Fox Trot Farm Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs from Free Ranging Happy Hens on Fox Trot Farm

We brought home a livestock guardian dog, then two more puppies, and then decided we needed a fourth, so now we have four livestock guardian dogs to keep our sheep safe from hungry coyotes and feral dog packs.  Here’s Aunt Bee with some of her young ram lambs.


Aunt Bee and her Little Rams

We look forward to announcing soon that we have products to sell from our farm. All we’re waiting for is the inspector to come and give us a meat and poultry handling license. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi, I’m looking forward to hearing purchasing your products! What is the best way to do so? Thank you!

    Lauren Mudrak

    • Hi Lauren, we’ll be processing lambs next month. You may preorder whole lambs (cut as you prefer), or stay tuned and I’ll post when our meat is ready for pickup here at the farm. Please call or text me at 803-804-3541 if you’d like me to contact you personally. Thank you, and I look forward to you enjoying our delicious, pasture raised lamb!

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