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Brooder House Chicks
Brooder House Chicks

Happy Chicks in the Morning


Every morning at dawn, Cookie and I head out to the brooder house to let our “baby” chicks out for the day. I can hear the chicks in the house, chirping and rustling around, ready to get busy outside looking for bugs and socializing. This picture looks nice and calm, right?

Brooder House

I open the door and it’s like a floodgate! All the chicks spill out! My, how they’ve grown!

Brooder House Chicks

Brooder House Chicks

Brooder House Chicks

Farmer Bob and our friend Ed build a great brooder pen for our chicks, and they planted a nice mixture of grass and clover for them. Ed built them their pallet decks. We discovered early on that our chickens love having pallets to use for shade from the sun and cover from hawks, and they also love to get up on them. It’s like a playground for chickens!

Brooder House Chicks

Our chicks have the BEST view! 

Brooder House View

Remember when they were this little back in the middle of March? They were so adorable. Now they are growing into handsome hens, and we look forward to their eggs in the fall.


We’ll be closed this coming Sunday since I’ll be going to pick up my aunt in PA to bring her down for her annual visit with us, but we’ll be open for our market and Farmer Bob’s guided tour on Sunday, May 26, weather permitting. Plan to come see our chicks and other animals during the Ag & Art Tour weekend, which is June 22nd and 23rd. We have a lot of fun things in store for that weekend and I’ll post more about that later. In the meantime, call or text and stop by if you need any eggs or honey. 803-804-3541 is my cell.

Cookie says hey!

Cookie loves visitors!

Happy Cookie


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