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Guided Tour Fun with the Animals


Our visitors always have a great time on our Farmer Bob guided tour. He invites guests to enjoy his guided tour every Sunday afternoon (when we’re open and the weather is pretty) at 2:00, and by appointment for groups over 10 on weekdays. This past week we had a great group of students, teachers, and chaperones, and it was a PERFECT spring day for a tour.

Cookie greeted everyone as they got off the bus. She had a blast meeting all our visitors. She has a way of coaxing everyone to give her a belly rub or scratch, even people who are scared of dogs. She also accompanies the group on the entire tour, often times leading the way.

The tour started with Farmer Bob explaining about our predators, and a nice display of his skull and turtle shell collection. Our educational bee hive was out for everyone to explore.

I took a turn and showed them our bunny rabbits, and then all our new baby chicks.

Baby Chicks

Pork Chop was so happy to see our visitors and he let them feel his bristles. (I didn’t get a picture of that.) Then the tour headed to the Back Forty to see our big breeding ewes and rams, and our livestock guardian dogs. What a pretty day to stroll to the Back Forty! Farmer Bob took a bucket of feed along and called the sheep down for everyone to see.

Farmer Bob told our visitors about the sheep and how they lamb. He showed them our livestock guardian dogs and explained their purpose, and they got to see our big breeding rams, too.

On the way back, they stopped in to see our chickens. They loved standing among all the chickens while they fed them. 

If you stand quietly, the hens and roosters will walk right up to you. (If you look to the right in the background, you can see that shiny, big Union County activity bus this group arrived in.)

The last visit of the tour was to say hello to the dairy goats and to visit the apiary to watch the honeybees fly, and to learn about how they live and how we get honey from their hives. This group had packed lunches, so they washed up, then sat at our tables to enjoy their lunches.

Here’s a happy group if ever there was one! They got back onto their bus and headed to Waxhaw for ice cream. What a big, fun day they had!

Farmer Bob and I agreed that we thought Cookie had the most fun of all!

What a tired little dog she was at the end of the day!

Come see us on Sunday afternoons from 1:00-5:00, and take Farmer Bob’s guided tour at 2:00. We’re open most Sundays, but not on holidays or if the weather is bad. Check back here, on our Facebook page, or call or text me at 803-804-3541 to make sure before you head our way. We can’t wait to meet you!


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