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It’s a good thing we have Muck boots!


It’s a good thing we have Muck boots, is all I can say! Yesterday Farmer Bob took me on a soggy, muddy stroll to see all the work that’s been done while I was recuperating from my wrist/shoulder injury. Wow! I ended up amazed by not only the changes made, but by all the water flowing. It was a gray and misty day, but I loved our walk and took a lot of pictures. Take a look.

This is going to be our new hog pasture. Look at all the piles of brush and trees that have been cut down! There are many piles of 4′ long hardwood trunks, just perfect for inoculating to grow some shitake mushrooms! That’s one thing that’s been on our list of things to grow.

Just look at this branch flowing with clean, clear water! I just love all the moss on the banks.

Hobart is the best guardian dog. He rotates between this flock of young ewe lambs and the flock of breeding ewes in the next pasture.

Look at all the mud, and we’re on top of the hill, too!

I love this view looking down the lane through the woods on the Back Forty. Farmer Bob has plans to plant all these cleared lanes in the woods with grasses and wild flowers for the pollinators. We’ll mark all the lanes for hiking trails. We think that will make for a fun outing for our visitors.

This old pond in the woods on the Back Forty is often home to our beautiful wood ducks. It will be on the hiking trails.


Clarence is a happy boy. He doesn’t like Carly, though, and she knows it! Look at her hiding between Farmer Bob’s feet! hahaha

We had all our dogs out for a stroll. In fact, they spent most of the day outside. They don’t mind the rain and the mud, and they explored and played and had a grand time.

Here are some of our young ewes. Farmer Bob put two older girls with them because when we first separate them from their mothers, they tend to be confused. The older girls “show them the ropes” and within a couple of days, they’ve forgotten about their mothers and are following the older ewes.

Looking across the pastures you can see the flock of breeding ewes in the distance.


We were all tired after our long afternoon walk in the muck. Cookie seemed to be especially exhausted!

Come see us when the sun comes out and the mud dries up a bit. We will have eggs and honey for sale today (Sunday, March 10th) but no guided tour. Call or text 803-804-3541 if you want to come by during the week.



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