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Cotton Bowl Wreaths
Cotton Bowl Wreaths

A fun day in Waxhaw with a good friend!


Farmer Bob and I LOVE Waxhaw. We love the shops, the restaurants, the natives and newcomers from all corners of the world. You already know that we love the Waxhaw Farmers Market, too! I also love spending the day in Waxhaw with girlfriends, strolling through the historic railroad town to shop and have lunch and explore the galleries. So, when a long time good friend from Greenville came to spend the day with me Friday, of course we went to Waxhaw. I just had to take a picture of Gail on the railroad bridge. 🙂

Gail is a gifted potter, although she would never say so. I was surprised and so very happy that she brought me one of her beautiful creations.  I’m going to use it to hold my tools when I quilt on my Q20, so it will sit right next to it in the sunroom where I can see it every day.

An old friend from Greenville

After our lunch and shopping, we came back to the farm for some crafting. The initial motivation for our day together was to make a wreath that I’d seen on the Internet. I’d gathered together all the supplies so we set to work and look what we made!

Cotton Bowl Wreaths

I learned something new about Gail: her grandfather was a sharecropper who grew cotton! She remembers picking cotton as a youngster. It was fun crafting together and hearing her stories. With my arm still in a cast, I couldn’t have made this wreath without her help.

Gail just sent me this picture of where she hung her wreath in her dining room. I think she made a beautiful wreath, it looks fabulous in her dining room, and I hope it reminds her of our fun day together. 🙂

An old friend from Greenville

I hung mine on the front door. I think this is a perfect winter wreath, and I wonder if, in the early spring, little birds will steal bits of cotton for their nests. I bet they do! Then that will give us an excuse to get back together to make a spring wreath! 

Cotton Boll Wreath

Friday made me realize that we each should take a break from our busy lives more often to dedicate a day to reconnecting with a delightful friend one-on-one and simply enjoying a day spent having fun together. Thank you for our special day together, Gail!





  1. Very pretty !

  2. Sounds like a delightful day and your wreaths are beautiful!

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