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Friday Scenes from the Farm


This has been a busy and exciting week for us here on Fox Trot Farm, so it was a challenge for me to decide just which photos to share with you  because they are all wonderful representations of all the blessings we have here on our country farm. From our visitors to baby lambs to new spring growth popping, my camera was busy all week! I’m going to share lots of photos today, so sit back and relax and see what’s going on in the country this first week of Spring.

(Special thanks to our egg and lamb customers, new and repeat, for giving us your business and wonderful reviews on Facebook!) Our extra large, extra fresh eggs from our happy free range hens are just $3.50 a dozen. We are almost sold out, but do have some packaged lamb left, so don’t miss out on that.  We love having families come for tours, and you can find more information on that here. Please give me a call before you come out to the country. My Phone number is 803-804-3541.

Egg Box

You can’t get fresher than this, folks! If you’re bringing your kids for a tour, they will get to pick up eggs right from the nest box. (Sometimes I have to shoo the hen away first, they’re that fresh!)

Family Tour

One of my favorite egg customers brought her family for a tour this week. The children were precious! (See Thelma? She thought they were precious, too!)

Boys Eggs

Liam and Daniel were so careful picking up eggs that they didn’t even crack a single one. I was so proud of those little boys!

Claire Avery

My bottle baby lambs, Avery (left) and Claire (right). Aren’t they adorable? You should hear them talk to me. They are barely a week old.

Hobart Lamb

Hobart gets checked out frequently by the young lambs. He’s so patient with them.

 Lotsa Lambs

And he has a lot of lambs to guard…33 in the field!

Lamb Drinking Water

The babies are already drinking water, so I have to keep the water troughs filled to the brim every day so they can easily sip from them.

Early Leaf Bud

This tree is just budding….I love all the pretty new growth in the spring, and it comes from twigs that look dead all winter. Miracle!


Don’t you just love pansies? These are violas…Johnny Jump Ups.

Red Leaves Carly

Young red leaves on this tree with Carly, always busy, in the background. She’ll be going to HardRock Border Collies for training soon.

Fern Heads

The fiddle heads on these ferns hold so much promise of the beauty to come.


Where I grew up in Pennsylvania, these redbuds were also known as Judas Trees. They are beautiful in our woods against the bright green of new leaf growth of the other trees.


Vinca minor joyfully blooming in my flower bed.


Tiny wild violets bloom all along the forest floor.

Downed Tree

Mother Nature felled a large oak tree in the winter, making more work for Farmer Bob. Brody and Chloe love our walks in the woods.

White Flowers

The flowers that bloom this time of year are tiny and carpet the forest floor.

 White Flowers 2


And Thelma is always such a happy girl. “Come rub my belly!” 

Have a wonderful weekend, from Fox Trot Farm!




  1. Love the photos! Really enjoyed our visit this morning. Sorry I missed Bob but really enjoyed seeing all the new babies (especially the bottle babies-they were so cute) and rubbing on Thelma. Such a sweet girl.
    Have a happy spring!

  2. Beautiful …… I will get that tree cut this weekend…..Farmer Bob

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