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Farmers Escape to the Mountains!


*** Farm Market and Farm Tour Opening on Sunday, August 5th.***

It sure has been a busy spring and early summer for us here on the farm! We had a great time over the Ag+Art weekend with all the folks coming to tour, and then our cookout for the volunteers. In spite of all that fun, we sure did do a LOT of work to make it happen. So, when the opportunity unexpectedly arose for us to escape from the farm for a little R&R, we jumped on it!

Decades ago, Farmer Bob’s parents bought this house on Lake Santeetlah in the Smoky Mtns in western North Carolina. Boy, were they ever smart to do that! All the family has enjoyed gathering there over the years, much as many folks here in our community go to the beach for their family gatherings. Here’s the pretty view from the house.

Here is Farmer Bob relaxing on our old pontoon boat.

The lake is beautiful during the day. We spent a lot of time kayaking, boating, and just floating in the water. We read and napped, too. There is no Internet, TV, or cell service there to distract us from the gorgeous scenery. It was just the two of us there this time and it was very quiet. VERY QUIET. We’re not used to that!

As darkness falls, you can really see why these mountains are called “Smoky.”

Farmer Bob just loves the way the mountains look when they are draped in clouds.

If you’ve ever had sourwood honey, you’ll be interested to see this sourwood tree in full, glorious bloom! We have some sourwood trees on our farm, but not nearly enough for our bees to make pure sourwood honey. In the mountains, when these trees are in full bloom, there is little else available for the bees to forage, so that’s why you can only get PURE sourwood honey from bees in the mountains.

The closest large town with any kind of major shopping is Murphy, and Farmer Bob was his usual good sport and took me down the mountain to visit this wonderful quilt shop. It’s name is cute: Bless My Stitches. You can click HERE if you want to know more about this shop. It’s right up there with the top two quilt shops I’ve ever visited. 

The sun set on our short vacation and boy, was it ever magnificent! 

We can never be gone from the farm for more than a few days at a time, but we have a great friend and farm sitter to help us and we never worry about anything back home. Of course, our farm family sure did miss us and they were glad to see us back home. We missed them too!

It sure is HOT and DRY here on Fox Trot Farm! Everybody do a rain dance, please!




  1. Yeah… rested & relaxed… pressure at the lake !!

  2. What a perfect and true getaway! How fortunate that you have that kind of place to escape to. Now I’ll go check out that quilt shop!…

  3. Glad you guys got away & enjoyed your solitude for a few days. Looks lovely!

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