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Farmer Bob’s Surgery, Mac’s Speed Shop, & more quilting


***Due to Farmer Bob’s Surgery, we won’t be open for tours and hayrides Sunday, September 23rd or 30th,
but I’ll be here if anyone wants to come get honey or eggs.***

I must admit that Farmer Bob’s impending surgery loomed large in my mind while we were awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Florence and the possible catastrophic damage it would bring. Monday we met with the surgeon our doctor referred him to and instantly liked him. He spent a lot of time explaining the surgical procedure and what to expect afterward, so, now that we have that information, we can face the immediate future armed with knowledge instead of fear.

First of all, Flo just COVERED our farm with smallish bits of tree debris, so we got right outside after the appointment with the surgeon and began the cleanup. (Well, to be honest, we stopped for lunch on the way home from Charlotte and then took a nap when we got home. THEN hit the ground running.) There is a sense of urgency now to do things that I cannot do alone or cannot do at all, such as hauling hay and operating the big tractor. We got a lot of rain with Flo, but it came gradually over three days, so we had no flooding and the footbridge is still in place, thank goodness. I was really worried about that! For those of you who haven’t visited the farm yet, this is Farmer Bob and the bridge he built to get across the creek to the Back Forty.

Foot Bridge

I had planned to be in PA this coming week to help my favorite aunt recover from breast cancer surgery, and I feel so bad that I can’t do that now. If only I could clone myself! Her son will be with her for a few days and, after that, her girl friends will take over. She has a wonderful support system in her neighborhood and her church family. I’m not worried about her not having help. I’ll go visit her in a few weeks after Farmer Bob is able to use his arm a bit.

We had to go back to Charlotte yesterday for another appointment and we ended up having TWO appointments, so we missed lunch. By 5:00 we were just starving. You know, that kind of starving where you want to eat everything in site and don’t care if it’s on your diet plan? We stopped at Mac’s Speed Shop in Matthews. (There are several locations in the Charlotte area.) DISCLAIMER: Tempting photos to follow of good food that’s not necessarily good FOR you. (We shared all these dishes. Well, not the dirty martini…that was mine. Farmer Bob had a NoDa craft red beer that he pronounced delicious.) You’ll see the martini, smoked brisket taco, smoked chicken wings (not fried and DELICIOUS), bbq sauces (also DELICIOUS), and our veggies sides, which were onion rings, collards, and slaw. EVERYTHING is delicious at this restaurant, so make it a destination one day if you are close by.


Mac's Speed Shop Smoked Chicken Wings

Mac's Speed Shop Smoked Chicken Wings

Mac's Speed Shop Onion rings, Collards, Slaw

Notice we DID have veggies! What an indulgence, but we may do this just a couple times a year, so we thoroughly enjoyed our supper.

Farmer Bob’s surgery is in the morning (Thursday), and I’ll be preparing him food that is easy to balance on a fork or spoon with his left hand (he is right hand dominant), pick up with his fingers, and won’t need to cut into bites. Or I’ll just do that part for him. He won’t even be able to use his fingers on his right hand for a solid week. I’ll be going solo with farm chores, with good friends to help in a pinch if I need an extra pair of hands or some manly muscles if something goes wrong.

In the meantime, I’ll be starting a new quilt for a friend. He wants to be surprised with the fabric and pattern I’ve chosen, so stay tuned for pictures after I’ve finished and presented it to him. I’m about half finished with another quilt I started during the hurricane, so I’ll be working on that that, too. Two of my friends have already made this quilt pattern, and I couldn’t wait to make it, it is just so pretty all put together. Each block is a different fabric on the white background, and I’m using a Monet fabric line. Can’t wait to get to the quilting part! Here’s the first block. I have 4 3/4 completed and need 9 altogether. If anyone is curious, the pattern is “Turnstyle.”

Still no new lambs, but some of the ewes’ udders are pretty full, so stay tuned for pictures of CUTE any day now! And keep Farmer Bob and his surgeon in your prayers, please.






















  1. Hi Debbie
    I am trying to read between the lines and am missing something. I hope Bobs surgery gorse well. Not sure the circumstances. Please pass on my regards.
    All the best ,
    Jeff Dworman

    • Jeff, sorry I didn’t see this sooner. He had a torn bicep tendon and had that repaired last Thursday. He’s doing well and the surgeon says he’ll be back playing golf by late January. Sort of wrecked a lot of plans he had in the meantime, but you can’t pick and choose when things like this happen. Hope you all are well!


  2. I was going online to ask you how you did with the hurricane hoping you didn’t get hit to hard..and read your post. Sorry to hear about Bob’s surgery! Hope all goes well, and I will be sure to include him in my prayers…you too! And by the way, I wouldn’t share my dirty martini either! . I know we’re far away, but if I can help you please let me know. Praying for Bobs speedy recovery

  3. Thank you Wendell! We miss you too. Come see us. Our best to Susan. 🙂


  4. Hope y’all are well and Bob’s surgery is successful. We miss you guys.

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