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bucket of fresh strawberries
bucket of fresh strawberries

Farm Tours, Fresh Strawberries, & Strawberry Shortcake


***Farm Tours and Sunday Farm Market Hours Postponed Until June 9th & 10th.***

Fox Trot Farm will be participating in the Ag-Art Tour for the first time this year and boy, do we have a lot of work to do to get ready! Since it’s just Farmer Bob and me doing most of the work here on the farm, and since Farmer Bob hasn’t retired from his “paying” job, we will be busy every single weekend getting ready for our big weekend. We sure hope you will plan to come enjoy our farm on June 9th or 10th. We’ll have the hay ride wagon ready, and there will be local artists set up here at the farm. Our farm market will be open with lots of goodies to enjoy!

 We are currently sold out of lamb and honey, but we have plenty of eggs, so if you would like to come pick up our fresh brown and blue eggs, just text or call me to make sure I’m home. Our eggs are always $3.50 here on the farm. What a great deal! And they are so fresh that you can stock up for the month. My cell # is 803-804-3541.


Have you been to Rich Hill Farms yet to pick up your strawberries? They are so fresh and sweet! Just look at the green caps on each berry. Fresh berries have caps that are green and not brown and wilted. That’s how you can tell they were just picked. For $14 you get a gallon of these beauties and you get to keep the great bucket, too! Or take it back to them for recycling. They have a beautiful market building, and currently have a nice variety of vegetables from their farm and also from the state farmers market in Columbia. You can find this family-owned and run farm at 3061 Rocky River Rd., Heath Springs, South Carolina 29058. That’s just a few miles south of Lancaster. Easy to find and so worth the trip!

bucket of fresh strawberries

Bucket ‘O Berries!

Tomorrow I’ll share the recipe for my strawberry shortcake. It’s easy and so yummy!

Strawberry Shortcake

My Strawberry Shortcake

Don’t forget now, we won’t have our farm market open again till the Ag-Art Tour weekend of June 9th & 10th, but you can call me and come by for eggs. My cell # is 803-804-3541. Just call or text me to make sure I’m home. See you at the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market on Saturdays or here at the farm during the week.



  1. Hope your Ag tour goes well! Have fun eating those yummy looking Strawberries…wish I was closer, I would help with the work!

  2. Oh, that looks soooo good !!! Sorry I’m missing out on your big event !!

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