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duck eggs in the nest
duck eggs in the nest

A Disappointed Cookie and Hopeful Momma Duck


Cookie is so disappointed and confused.

A disappointed and confused Cookie
A disappointed and confused Cookie

All summer long, our Momma Duck has been trying to hatch out eggs without success. I find empty, broken shells here and there and, except for the first nest, I didn’t know where she was hiding her eggs. A couple weeks ago, I saw Momma Duck sneaking into a hole in the dense foliage in the fence garden! And then, that very same morning when I gathered the dogs to go do chores, Cookie was stand-offish and gave me a look that said, “Not now, I have something else I need to do.” Well, when we got back from the Back Forty (where Cookie had eventually joined us), I found an empty, broken egg next to where the hen had entered the fence garden! I looked inside the foliage, and this is what I found:

duck eggs in the nest

Duck eggs in the nest

You can see that the downy feathers the momma duck had tucked into her nest were all pulled out, and there was a space where the egg used to be. Ugh….almost caught red handed (or pawed), was our Cookie!

So, until Momma Duck hatches out her ducklings, Cookie is not allowed to run loose with our dog pack when we are outside. We tie her somewhere in the shade or put her in the spare kennel, and she sure doesn’t understand it at all. AND she’s NOT happy. She didn’t get to go on our farm tour on Sunday, and she was REALLY sad about that because she just loves being with children and getting all those belly rubs.

I have no idea how many more days she’ll be “grounded,” but we want to give Momma Duck a chance to have babies. Now, we just hope that no wild critters get to her nest. It is close enough to the house and the sheep pen and dog kennels that we are hoping nothing will disturb her.

One morning soon, we hope to see Momma Duck marching across the back yard with a row of fluffy ducklings following behind her, and then Cookie will be able to resume her usual routine of running and playing with Carly and Brody, and greeting visiting children to get belly rubs.

Until then….

cookie waiting

Cookie waits…



  1. Cookie sure does look confused……have to wonder how she found the nest inside the fence ? Her nose got her in trouble….right? Hope the other eggs hatch !

  2. Poor Cookie, I agree! She must be so confused. But I don’t blame you for wanting to give the duck a chance. I hope you get a little duck family soon Deb!

  3. Poor Cookie! I hope she understands why she’s grounded. When I was a teen, my duck consistently made her nests in the barn, only to have them trampled by my horse. Only one ever survived. That little duckling grew up with the dogs. Even though she was “lame” from the horse stepping on her, she chased cars down our country road and quacked while the dogs barked. Funniest thing we ever saw was that crippled duck chasing cars and quacking!

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