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banana pudding
banana pudding

A day full of family, friends and banana pudding.


***Our farm market and tours will be closed this Sunday and we’ll reopen for the Ag & Art Tour on June 22nd & 23rd.***

This is the time of year my dear Aunt Ina comes to visit, and I get to spend two whole weeks filling my days with joy doing fun things with her. Yesterday, Thursday, was our last day together in South Carolina until next spring’s visit, and we had a full, fun, day!banana pudding

One thing I wanted to do before taking Aunt Ina home was to make an old fashioned banana pudding as a special treat, and I hurried in the late morning to get it in the oven before we had to leave to meet friends for lunch. I did it! (You can tell I was in a hurry because I didn’t get all the sugar in the meringue dissolved; hence, the little droplets of sugary sweetness on top of the meringue.) I just use the recipe that’s on the box of Nilla wafers, but I double the pudding and meringue so it fills my casserole dish. I’ve made the “cheater” banana pudding with instant pudding and Cool Whip, but THIS is the REAL thing, and so worth the extra effort!

And then we were off to Waxhaw! This group of girlfriends began with our quilting retreat friends, and then we added extra farming, weaving, and spinning friends. Aunt Ina always enjoys these gatherings, all the fun and laughter, AND good food! We met this time at 701 Main, a GREAT restaurant in Waxhaw, NC. There were 15 of us this time! Wow! (You can see Aunt Ina sitting next to me.) Some of our out of town friends couldn’t make it, and there are always a few who have other commitments. You were missed! We are calling ourselves the “Out to Lunch Bunch,” and here we are:

Out to Lunch Bunch

After lunch, Aunt Ina and I headed to Lancaster to stop by one of our favorite thrift shops, only to discover they were going out of business. How sad for us! Aunt Ina found a big mixing bowl that was 75% off, and some cereal bowls, too, so she’ll be taking those home with her. The GOOD news is that this store is going to reopen in a great old building in the nearby town of Pageland, so we’ll still be able to shop our favorite thrift/antique store together next spring! Here’s a link to their Facebook page if you’d like to check it out. Needful Things is the name of the shop, after Stephen King’s spooky novel by the same name. Isn’t that great?

After that, I took her to get her hair done, and then we came back to the farm. It was early evening and this is what we found:

chicken house

Farmer Bob and Ed have gotten the new chicken house pretty much all framed in! (More on the daily progress in the next post.) Right now we all agree that this looks like a wild west store front, and Farmer Bob said they’ve built a chicken saloon! haha!

I could hardly wait till after supper when we could dig into that banana pudding. Finally, the time arrived and here is my bowl:

banana pudding

I used a SMALL bowl because I had to limit my portion size. I have NO control when it comes to homemade banana pudding! In fact, I might have to have some for breakfast this morning. As I told Farmer Bob, it IS full of bananas, milk, and eggs. Sounds like breakfast to me!

Today, my friend Dee Dee and I are taking Aunt Ina back to Pennsylvania. We’ll be shopping old order Mennonite stores tomorrow, and will do some thrifting and quilt shop perusing, too, and then we will make the long drive home Sunday. 

Our farm tours and market will be closed now till the Ag & Art Tour, which is June 22nd and 23rd. In the meantime, if you need eggs just call or text me at 803-804-3541 and I’ll be happy to get you some since our hens are not taking any time off laying.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll whip up a batch of banana pudding, get together with family and friends, and plan to come see us for the Ag & Art Tour weekend!





  1. It sounds like a wonderful day! I hope to join the group soon!

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