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Ag+Art Tour Sign
Ag+Art Tour Sign

Come Tour our Farm & Enjoy the Animals and Artists!


It’s early Friday morning, just before dawn, and I went out to open the door to the brooder house to let the young hens out. It was so peaceful and quiet because all our animals were still bedded down for the night. Pork Chop was still in his pigloo, Gracie and Martha had their chins curled back on their wool backs, Clarence was still as a statue under the trees in his paddock. I could still see the moon, and the big white rooster was crowing up on the hill. I stood there just soaking in the tranquility, trying to bank it for retrieval, because the next two days are going to be CRAZY fun! The Ag+Art Tour is here!!!

We’ll open the gate tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10:00, and at 1:00 on Sunday. Plug our address into your GPS (5066 Rowell RD, Lancaster), and watch for these signs:

Ag+Art Tour Sign

And then this sign in our front yard:

Fox Trot Farm Sign

Ed and Timothy will be there to direct your parking across the street in our neighbor’s yard. Check in at the centuries-old log cabin and pick up your map of the farm. Walk the paths and hiking trails, following the map and reading about all you are seeing. If walking isn’t your thing, then jump on the hay wagon for an easy ride, and Farmer Bob will give you the quick tour. We have all the “comfort” facilities you’ll need, and will have icy cold bottled water for sale if you need it, too. There is a lot of cool shade to enjoy!

Speaking of shade, at the end of your tour, stroll under the pecan trees to enjoy shelling corn with the antique corn sheller, sit up on the vintage tractor for pictures, and pose in the face boards.

Face Board

Enjoy some shopping in our farm market, where you’ll find honey, eggs, our honey & beeswax soap, and lots of crafty things made by Granny Bee (that’s ME!). Visit our artist’s booth. There will be lovely paintings and wood turned masterpieces by AprilDawn and Nate Anderson to take home with you. This year, we’re also hosting our friend, Sheranna Catoe, who is a published author of Christian devotionals. We think they’re great resources for your family and will make wonderful gifts, too! Here’s a link to her page on Amazon.

The sun is almost full up on this, the longest day of the year. I hope I remember to check my short shadow at noon. It might have trouble catching up with me today because there’s so much left to do at the last minute to make sure YOU have the best farm visit ever. Whether you begin your Lancaster County Ag+Art Tour here at our farm, or finish out the day relaxing on our pond bench, we sure do look forward to seeing you!

Mother's Day Visitors to Fox Trot Farm






  1. Hope you had a great day with lots of visitors!

  2. Hope you had a great turnout for your first Ag-Art event !!!! Looks like you did a great job getting everything in top shape, too !

  3. Looks like a lot of fun (preceded by a lot of work!). Have fun & hope everything is smooth sailing.

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