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Double Yolker
Double Yolker

Chloe’s Stuck! And what I’ve been doing.


Oh my! Did Chloe ever get stuck!

Chloe Stuck in the mud

Here’s another picture. Chloe is very old and her hind quarters are weak, anyway, so there’s no way she could free herself,

Dog Stuck in the Mud

and there was no way I could get her out. My wrist is still healing from the break and my shoulder has been affected, so I’m “farm work challenged.” Farmer Bob was on his way home from Atlanta, so our friend Ed and his son came to my rescue. Chloe was relieved and so was I!

Dog stuck in the mud

We’ve had so much rain that everything is muddy. The soil in our area is classified as “silt,” so when it gets saturated, it’s slick! Our creeks are running, though, and that’s so pretty!

Creek Running

The hens are laying again, after the short days of winter and molt happening at pretty much the same time. Thank goodness! Some of them are over-achievers. Look at this big double-yolked egg in my frying pan. Some of the eggs are too big to fit into our cartons!

Double Yolker

I’m still treating Rosie for mastitis. Ugh. It’s been a year of struggles with her, and I should be an expert by the time we get this kicked. Lots of trips back and forth to our vet’s farm, which isn’t all bad because…..

Milking Rosie

I get to see precious things like this:

Cow & Calf

While I can’t do any strenuous activity with my right arm, I am sewing again! Farmer Bob helped me remove one of my vintage machines from its cabinet so I can clean it, replace some electrical cords, and get it all polished and running smoothly. I LOVE my vintage machines! This one is a 1948 model and in excellent condition, except for being dirty and the cord looks like a puppy chewed it. I am grateful for that puppy, because it seems that the owner just never used the machine after that happened. And now she’s mine! One day when I have an actual store building on the farm, I plan to display my collection. They are so pretty!

1948 Model 15

Life is good and busy on Fox Trot Farm! We’re selling our honey, eggs, and soap at the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market every other Saturday during the winter, and here at our farm every Sunday afternoon from 1:00-5:00 and by appointment during the week. We work around the weather, of course, so we don’t always have Farmer Bob’s guided tour on Sundays if it’s rainy or too muddy. Be sure to call or text me at 803-804-3541 to check if we’re open before you head our way.





  1. So glad Ed was there to help Chloe….she looks so sad !!

    That Singer looks like one I learned to sew on many years ago !!

  2. Good neighbors are such a blessing! Glad Chloe is “unstuck” and back to regular activity!

  3. Poor Chloe! Glad that episode ended well. If you were closer, I’d definitely be a regular egg customer. Happy sewing!

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