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Border Collies and Sheep
Border Collies and Sheep

Border Collies want to work!


Every evening, Farmer Bob and I take the border collies (along with the rest of our pack) to the Back Forty. We check on the ewes to see if they’ve had any lambs, we inspect fences, we enjoy the peace and beauty of the pasture, and the old pond, the forest and the SKY. It’s so quiet in the early evening here on the farm. Everyone is relaxed. Well, except for the border collies! They see those sheep and they want to round them up!

Border Collies and Sheep

Clarence and Peanut Butter are in the pasture we bring the dogs through, and often Carly or Blaire will bring them to us. Clarence isn’t wild about ANYONE making him move (haha he’s stubborn), but the border collies are persistent. They are predators and horses/mules/donkeys are indeed prey animals, and so Clarence and Peanut Butter MOVE. After Farmer Bob retires in June, he’s going to take some training with the collies, and hopes to get good enough to participate in trials. That will be fun for him!

Clarence & Peanut Butter

Just look at Turk and his “boys.” He just loves his rams, and I really do think they love him, too. Given the chance, they would send me to the moon, but they never butt Turk, and when they start butting each other, Turk plays referee and breaks up the fight. That’s pretty amazing!

Turk & his Rams

We had another strong storm a couple nights ago, and even more debris fell from the trees. The work of birds is just amazing to me. This nest is in a pasture where there are no horses, so the bird who made this nest really worked hard to gather her favorite building material and bring it to just the right tree. I wonder how they decide on those thing?

Fallen Bird Nest

Speaking of birds, my new bird feeding station still looks like this:

Image may contain: tree, grass, shoes, plant, outdoor and nature

I sure hope some birds find it soon! They have a lot to eat in the wild right now so they aren’t desperate. Anybody have any suggestions?


*We’re open every Sunday afternoon in October, with honey, soap, and eggs for sale. Guided farm tours at 2:00. There will be no hay wagon rides until Farmer Bob gets the OK to drive his tractor, which won’t be till January.

*We’ll be processing lamb at the end of the month. If you’d like to reserve a whole lamb or specific cuts, please let me know. Give me a call at 803-804-3541.

*We’ll be back at the Waxhaw Farmers Market on Saturday mornings at the end of October! Until then, I’m always happy to meet our Waxhaw customers for egg delivery. We appreciate our Waxhaw egg customers and are happy to see them and all our local customers and friends every week!

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  1. Is the birds nest made of horse hair ? Looks perfect !

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