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Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter

Autumn Days & Market Schedule


I’m getting started on chores earlier so that I don’t get caught after dark, walking through all those awful HUGE spider webs that form here in the Autumn. It’s STILL so hot at 5:00, however, and I can’t wait till cooler weather arrives. I’m sure these pregnant ewes are thinking the same thing. Our plan to move lambing to fall seems to be paying off. These girls have stayed very healthy all summer long, and haven’t shown the stress they used to from dealing with the heat AND parasites AND making milk for their lambs over the hot summer months.

Pregnant Ewes

Our Anatolian Shepherd, Turk, is so happy these days. He is bonded with these rams and they all seem to love each other. Often, I find a ram standing next to him while he’s lying on the ground. Sometimes they all lie down together and he sleeps with his head resting on a ram. They are buddies. 

Turk and Rams

Isn’t Peanut Butter just adorable? He’s so mischievous! He and Clarence are so happy to be back in the middle pasture where they can get lots of attention.

Peanut Butter

Pork Chop is a happy boy, too. After the hurricane came through, we took apart his Igloo and cleaned it out real well, then Farmer Bob reattached the bottom. Pork Chop moves his igloo around and gets out of sorts and fusses when we mess with it. He puts it where he wants it to be and will move it right back if we change its location in his pen. Once Farmer Bob’s arm gets in shape, we’re going to build him a more permanent wooden shelter but, for now, he’s very happy with his Igloo. He loves to be scratched behind his cute little ears.

Pork Chop the Pot Belly Pig

Doesn’t this picture make you want to take a stroll through the woods? It’s part of my morning and evening routine, and its beauty never grows old. You can take this stroll when you come visit the farm. Soon as Bob gets all healed up, we’ll start the tours again.

Autumn Woods

And finally, as I finish my chores on the Back Forty, the sky gives me a different show every evening. THAT never gets old, either!

Sunset on Fox Trot Farm

We’ll be closed today and next Sunday afternoon but if you need eggs or honey, give me a call or text me. 803-804-3541. Farmer Bob is doing well and is now able to get in the shower and needs a couple Advil now and then, but no real pain. He still has a long row to hoe, especially for a guy who is task-driven and project-oriented. Now is a good time for planning future projects, so he’ll stay busy doing that. In the queue are: shelter for Pork Chop, new fencing on a parcel on the Back Forty, larger hen house, door on the goat barn, and on and on the list goes. There are always lots of projects in the planning on Fox Trot Farm!




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