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Quilts at River's Edge
Quilts at River's Edge

Aunt Ina’s Visit & a Quilty Field Trip with Friends


I’ve been so lucky the past three weeks to have family visiting. First it was my cousin, Jenny, who came down from New Jersey for our Third Annual Homeplace Quilting Retreat. Here’s Jenny with her beautiful Attic Windows quilt:

Jenny with attic windows quilt

Jenny with Attic Windows Quilt

Farmer Bob drove to PA on a Saturday to pick up Aunt Ina, Jenny went home the next morning and Bob and Aunt Ina pulled in that evening. We had a great two weeks together, and they went really fast!

Aunt Ina & Me

Aunt Ina & Me

We both love to go “antiquing” and there are a lot of consignment shops in our area, so we set out to find treasures, with a day here and there to just rest. Farmer Bob did ALL the farm chores so I could spend lots of time with my aunt, and he met us for lunch when we went to our favorite Maxwell’s Tavern in Waxhaw, and took us out to dinner at The Derby, what we think is the best diner in the area and one of Aunt Ina’s favorite places to go. (We took Jenny there, too!)

There is a restaurant in Cheraw called The River’s Edge, and it’s just full of quilts, and I wanted Aunt Ina to experience it. I invited some friends and off we went!

I just love every one of these gals! We always have so much fun when we’re together. Some are quilters, some are neighbor farmers, and some are both. Here we are at the table, the 12 of us:

Table of Friends

A table of friends

Aunt Ina remarked that she thought Susan looked like Vivian Leigh and, just then, a man who turned out to be the president of the local chamber of commerce, tapped Susan on the shoulder and asked her if she would be the “customer checking out” for a video that was being made for the chamber! Here she is playing the role of a real movie star!

Susan in the Cheraw Chamber of Commerce video

Susan a.k.a. Vivian Leigh

Something we’ll all laugh about for a long time is that we ended up “dumpster diving” that day. We walked through a parking lot to get to a consignment shop and past two big dumpsters. Spilling from their open doors were burlap coffee bean bags! What the heck???? We started pulling them out of the dumpsters; all were clean and some still had beans clinging to them. As the pile grew, I decided to go get the truck and pull it around, and we stuffed the bed full of bags. We split them up when we got back to our farm. Not sure what we’ll do with them, but Pinterest is full of ideas, and they are just too good to throw away! (I think we got about 80 or so bags!)

Burlap Coffee Bean Bags

Dumpster Diving Divas!

We later found out that they were the packing material for some concrete fountains that had been delivered to Kevin Lear on Main. Now THAT is a gorgeous gift shop and event venue and florist. Every town should have one of these businesses!

The food at the restaurant is real hit-and-miss, but the desserts are fabulous, and they have homemade ice cream! It was a hot day, and the ice cream was delicious!

Ice Cream Boat

Ice Cream Boat a la The River’s Edge

Farmer Bob took Aunt Ina home to PA yesterday (Saturday) and he’s on his way back home now (Sunday). I baked bread yesterday, finished the binding on a table runner, and made some snap bags to sell at our farm market. I did the farm chores today.  My “vacation” is over and life is returning to the normal good life that it is. I’ll miss Aunt Ina, but she uses email and Facebook, so we communicate almost every day. AND we made lots of memories together the past two weeks.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the quilts at the restaurant. They are all vintage and are all for sale at very good prices. Enjoy!

Wall quilts 4

Wall quilts 5

Wall Quilts 3

Wall Quilts 2

wall quilts 1

The River's Edge Quilts

We’ll be open this coming Sunday, Memorial Day Sunday, May 28th, for tours and our market will be fully stocked. More on new items later this week! Market hours: 1:00-5:00, Guided tour at 2:00.






  1. It was surely a fun-filled day! Everything (including the dumpster diving) was an adventure with great friends! You always arrange the BEST outings and events!

  2. Sounds like a lovely 2 week vacation. So glad you got to spend that time with your Aunt.

    p.s. You know I am jealous about missing that luncheon & shopping trip. Especially the dumptster diving part. You know how thrifty I am & you can’t get any cheaper than free from a dumpster!

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