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Mother's Day Flowers
Mother's Day Flowers

Another Soggy Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day


***Our market and tours are cancelled for today due to all-night rains and impending severe weather this afternoon.***

Our farm is beautiful no matter the weather, but this morning everyone’s mood is that we’re sort of ready for a pretty Sunday. Our beautiful roses are hanging heavy from the beating they received last night from the heavy rains. Everything is soggy!

Soggy Roses

While meantime, in the kitchen, these flowers from our son and his girlfriend are bright and cheery!

Mother's Day Flowers

Thank you, Rob & Amanda, and thanks to Susan and the gang at Ray’s Flowers for delivering such a gorgeous arrangement. There are other good florists in our town, but we think Ray’s designs the very best arrangements, and they are always so fresh that they stay pretty for days. 

We hope that all you moms out there have a great day today. Mother’s Day isn’t about the weather, after all, it’s about families showing appreciation to their moms. Happy Mother’s Day from a soggy Fox Trot Farm!




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