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A Visit from Hurricane Matthew


Saturday we were paid a visit by Hurricane Matthew. Thank goodness it was just a side swipe and not a direct hit like we had with Hurricane Hugo way back in 1989! Matthew hugged the coast and did a lot of damage there, but for us, we received a little over 4 inches of rain here on our farm, and it was pretty windy with some strong gusts, so there is a lot of tree debris lying around. Farmer Bob went out last evening and walked most of the fences…saw a few downed trees and limbs but, thankfully, not on the fences.

I took advantage of the rainy day to catch up on UFOs (unfinished objects for us quilters!). I found a crazy quilt that I’d done and all it needed was to be bound, so I knocked that off pretty quickly. Here it is. It’s foundation pieced and a friend in our guild taught the class on this one. I think it will make a great quilt for someone’s little girl to curl up under, don’t you?


Several weeks ago I ordered one of those great Daily Deals from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. It was a layer cake, which is 42 (10-inch) squares of fabric from a collection of fabrics that coordinate. (If you are a quilter and haven’t signed up for the Daily Deal, then do it now, although I warn you that the daily temptation of buying precuts at 40+% off is hard to resist! Here’s the link to sign up. Yes, I’m an enabler! What are friends for?)

Anyway, I ordered the layer cake and it sat on my shelf until I saw a quilt in a magazine that made me think of those layer cakes in primary and secondary colors, and so I figured out the pattern and made this baby quilt:


I had the top finished, so I just did the quilting and binding and voila! I think it turned out just perfect, and I put a sleeve in the back so it can also be used as a wall hanging. I wish I’d taken a picture of the back, but you can see the same fabric on the binding. It looks like festive curly ribbons in all the same colors as the layer cake, and I found it at Emmie’s in Camden, SC. Bought what was left on the bolt, which will give me plenty to use on another baby quilt. I’ve already pieced another top from scraps I had left over from this one in the picture!

I finished binding a BQ2 quilt that I’m giving someone as a surprise gift, so I’m not going to share a picture of it yet and spoil her surprise, but it looks like this only with different fabrics:


You can click HERE to go to the quilt pattern for this and other BQ patterns. (BQ stands for Big Quilt.)

What I’m Working on Now

One of the guilds I belong to decided to do the Craftsy 2016 Garden Charm BOM together, and will get together one day a month to sew on this project. Since I have the farm and all that it entails, it’s not easy for me to carve out whole days to sew, including packing everything up and lugging the machine and supplies across the county. I decided to just work on this project at home as time allows. I’m currently on the applique border step, and yesterday I got all the pieces cut out and the stems made. I’m doing needle turn instead of raw edge, though, so this step will take me a bit longer, but will be fun to work on in the evenings. I haven’t done a ton of applique, so this will be good practice. Here’s the LINK to the pattern and classes, which are free, by the way. Here’s a picture of what the finished quilt will look like. As you can see, I have quite a way to go! (I’m using the same fabric…bought the kit when it went on sale for $99!)


Today (Sunday) is market day. I’m going to set everything up and hope that folks won’t be too busy cleaning up their yards to come out and stock up on honey and eggs and Granny Bee’s Bakery goods….and maybe even check out the new quilts that I’ve finished. It sure feels so good to get more UFOs out on the sale racks.

Our market here at Fox Trot Farm is open every Sunday from 1:00-5:00, so come by and see us!

oatmeal-honey Honey cinnamon-swirl-pound-cake

2016-08-18 Cinnamon Honey Oatmeal Cookies Honey Jar Display  Basket Of Eggs Thelma









  1. Everything looks so pretty. Quilts r gorgeous. U have got to be the energizer bunny!!!

  2. I know a baby coming along in January who be a perfect candidate for that layer cake quilt! Just beautiful- you are so talented!

  3. Wow! You’ve been busy!! Those quilts are beautiful! Nice job, Debbie!

  4. Love the quilt that Farmer Bob is holding!

  5. Your energy level amazes me!

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