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A Barn for Rosie & Daphne!


Remember these little girls? Rosie is the white Saanen and Daphne is the Nubian. I got Rosie from Mahaffey Farm (thank you Jeff & Dee Dee!) when she was just a few hours old. Daphne came from a breeder in Casar, NC (thank you Paula!).


Well, Rosie and Daphne sure have grown and so, with the help of a good friend (thank you Bill!), Farmer Bob built our little girls their very own barn.

Goat Barn
A friend called us one morning to tell us of a farm supply store that was going out of business (thank you Wayne!), and we were able to pick up a lot of tall dog pen panels, which will keep our doelings safe from four-footed predators. Since goats are more “browsers” than “grazers,” they don’t require a lot of grassy area. We cut leafy branches for them daily to supplement their hay and feed.

Barn Interior
Their hay and feed stay dry and fresh in their barn, and we added a deep bed of straw to keep the girls warm and dry.

Goat Playground
Goats hate to get wet…and they also hate to have wet feet. They love to play, leap and run, too. Farmer Bob took scrap lumber and made them some “playground equipment,” and they spend most of their days on the platform when the grass is soggy. (See Carly “supervising” again?)

Rosie & Daphne
We’ll be breeding Rosie and Daphne in April and, hopefully, I will be milking them in the fall. Until then, we’ll just continue to spoil these precious girls!



  1. Happy goats, happy farm wife, Happy life for Farmer Bob!

  2. Everything looks great & they look very happy. Good job Farmer Bob!

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