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Some of our Cutest Lamb Customers


Farmer Bob and I had a great weekend, with lots of visitors buying our packaged lamb. In fact, we’re sold out of many cuts already, so a big “thank you” to our customers. (To find out what packaged lamb cuts we have left in stock, please visit our Market page.) 

Speaking of our customers, some came from as far away as Columbia and Statesville, and even closer from Lancaster and Waxhaw. Although we enjoyed everyone’s visits, you might say that these were the customers who won our hearts this weekend. Look at the pictures and you’ll understand. 

Emily and Girls

Piper (holding Avery, the lamb), little sister Penelope, and mom Emily.


Penelope was a bit nervous about petting Claire, but she warmed up.

Piper Zeis

Piper and Avery, posing for a perfect picture!

Visitor to Fox Trot Farm

Our sheep had two sets of triplets this week, and we’ve learned from experience that we need to take one of each of the set to bottle feed. We picked two little ewe babies and named them for the twin granddaughters of our closest neighbor, and so they are “Avery” and “Claire.” (Aren’t those beautiful names?) Here’s a picture of Piper holding both little babies, who are just three days old. We’re so glad that the timing was perfect for the little girls to enjoy the lambs.

(For more information on farm tours, please click HERE.)

We hope you have a great week!



  1. Awwww………..the pictures are really adorable…..too bad I’m not there to help feed those cute little girls !

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