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Hobart the Anatolian Shepherd
Hobart the Anatolian Shepherd

1st Day Post-op, Hobart, and spider webs


I’m so pleased with how Farmer Bob is doing today. He opted not to be put under anesthesia and so he didn’t have all the side effects from that, although the surgeon did say he talked nonstop during surgery and told him all kinds of golf stories. I guess the “truth serum” didn’t work! hahahaha The surgeon ALSO told me he was quite pleased with how the surgery went and that he should be out of the arm brace in a month, although he’ll have another couple months of weekly physical therapy after that. He’ll have to pace himself.

It was a very long day yesterday, but I got him home, settled in, fed, and went out to feed the animals as soon as I got finished with taking care of Farmer Bob.  Hobart was so happy to report that there were no new lambs, and he had scared away all the bad things so his sheep were safe.

Hobart the Anatolian Shepherd

Hobart’s on duty. Can you see that his tail is wagging? He’s so happy to see me!

Even though I hurried, it was still past dark till I got finished. I walked through THREE of these:

brown orb weaver 1 - Neoscona crucifera

(this picture is from Bug Guide)

She’s a brown orb weaver spider. Walking through their webs is bound to happen this time of year because these spiders are huge and spin giant webs between anything, even between two trees 20 feet apart, and they hang right in the middle of the web. Ugh. I’m glad nobody was videotaping me last evening because I sure did some screaming and dancing! I’m planning to get my chores finished before dark today, needless to say.

Farmer Bob’s up and dressed and had his breakfast and is feeling good. The nerve block is still working, so he doesn’t feel his arm at all. We’ll have another 24 hours that way and I’m hoping that the pain isn’t terrible once it wears off. We’ve got something for that if he needs it, but he’s planning to stay quiet (well, I mean he’ll be still…he can’t stay quiet, hahaha) and rest so maybe it won’t be so bad.

Thank you all for keeping Farmer Bob and his surgeon in your prayers yesterday, and also for my favorite aunt, who had a good report from her surgeon and will be heading home today.



  1. So glad Bob’s Surgery was a success and he is not in pain..yet! Tell him we wish him well.
    Deb, the spiders I get the creeps just thinking of it! Be careful!

  2. Tell Farmer Bob I bought some fresh blueberries and lemons while grocery shopping today! That should make him smile!

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