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October 8, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Just another rainy Sunday….

***No market or tour today, Sunday, October 8th.***

After more than three weeks of no rain, our pastures are getting a drink! Funny that everyone is griping about a rainy weekend, but you know that all we farmers are cheering, right? Our pastures were starting to get crispy and everything was so dusty and dry that the trees were dropping their leaves from stress. Our creek was dry and the ponds were getting  low. We hope we get a LOT of rain today!

The only bad thing about a rainy Sunday is that we won’t be setting up market or having Farmer Bob’s guided tour. We’ll be back next Sunday (weather permitting). We’ll be here today if you need lamb or eggs or honey…just stop by between 1:00-5:00. 🙂 

Fox Trot Farm Chickens & their Holly Tree

Fox Trot Farm Chickens & their Holly Tree

We hope you enjoy this rainy Sunday, too!



Old McCaskill's Farm

October 6, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Fall Family Farm Day at Old McCaskill’s Farm

Old McCaskill's Farm

Wow…is this ever going to be a fun day for us! Once again, our friend and farmer Kathy McCaskill has invited Fox Trot Farm to take part in her Fall Family Fun Day. This will be our third year and we are almost ready…labels made, boxes packed with lots of honey, soap, pottery, quilts….all kinds of goodies from our farm and from our friends! I’ve been getting text and Facebook messages asking if we are going to be there, so I thought I’d take a minute from preparations to let everyone know WE WILL BE THERE, and we look forward to seeing friendly familiar faces and meeting new friends, too! Continue Reading →

Henrietta Hen in the Holly Tree

October 1, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

We’re Open for Business Today!

It’s Sunday, October 1st…hard to believe that it’s fall, but the temperature outside convinced me this morning! It’s a beautiful day to visit Fox Trot Farm and stroll the gentle slopes to see our animals.

One of our chickens’ favorite spots is their holly tree. They roost in it at night…nothing is going to get them through all those prickly leaves. They seem to “play” in it during the day. Isn’t this hen beautiful? Continue Reading →

Fox Trot Farm Pot Roast using our pastured lamb

September 19, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

The BEST pot roast you’ll ever have, hands down!

We have gorgeous neck roasts from our pasture raised lamb, but there’s not been much interest in using those to make a pot roast, and I think it’s because most of us haven’t branched out far from the very familiar chops and racks and legs, right?

Fox Trot Farm Pot Roast using our pastured lamb

Fox Trot Farm Pot Roast

A while back, I came across a Chef Gordon Ramsey video where he said the neck roast is his favorite part of the lamb for pot roasts because it is so incredibly flavorful. I agree that it is a best kept secret! So, I’m going to share MY secret with you for a very easy and oh-so-yummy recipe for YOU to try with our neck roasts. I made this yesterday and Farmer Bob was so happy! (The full recipe comes after the “how-to” pictures.) Continue Reading →

Cheesy Noodle Casserole with Lamb

September 17, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Lamb-extravaganza! Loin chops and ground lamb on sale today!

Farmer Bob and I were rearranging our big chest freezer and we discovered that we have an abundance of ground lamb and lamb chops! Lucky for you because Farmer Bob said, “Why don’t we have a special sale this Sunday?” I agreed, so our yummy, delectable, lean and juicy loin lamb chops are just $8.99/lb. and our tender and versatile ground lamb is just $5.99 today! Continue Reading →

Feeding the chickens

September 10, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Honey Sticky Buns and more for National Honey Month!

Honey Sticky Buns

Honey Sticky Buns

Oh my goodness….Granny Bee sure has been busy baking! September is National Honey Month and what better way to celebrate than cooking and baking with honey? Here’s a plate of freshly baked sticky buns….made with lots of butter and HONEY, of course! We’ve got three plates of these at the market today. 🙂

Dutch Apple Pie with honey

Granny Bee’s Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Crumb Pie, full of mountain apples, sugar, spices and HONEY

Continue Reading →


September 9, 2017
by Deborah Burgess
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The calm before the storm at the farm

Whew! We’re so thankful that Hurricane Irma isn’t going to be a direct hit here on the farm. We sure do remember Hurricane Hugo‘s visit back in 1989; who can ever forget that? We lost most of our fences and the roof to the hen house, but all thirty-two of the trees that went down in the front yard blew away from the house, thank goodness. Our six horses ended up in the back yard, wild-eyed and bunched tightly together. I can only imagine what they experienced all through that long night!

Last week we took a break and went to the Great Smoky Mountains for a few days of R&R and, while we were there, we donated a shopping cart full of diapers, formula, and personal care items to Hearts with Hands in Asheville for distribution to the flood victims in Texas. Now, we are looking at another huge hurricane barreling through Florida on Sunday, and there will be more victims in need of supplies. 

Back in 1982, Farmer Bob and I were living in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with our infant daughter, when we were impacted by a late winter flood. The whole city was flooded, including many of the neighborhoods around our house. We had a basement full of water and were evacuated. Somehow, the old dike next to our house maintained its integrity…probably due to the huge sandbagging effort by every able-bodied person in the city. The Chicago Bears football team came to help, and even President Reagan flew in to lend a hand. Here are a couple tiny pictures I found on the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel website. If you’d like to see more pics in a larger format (including President Reagan), you can visit their website here. (Seems like just yesterday, but you’ll get a kick out of the hair styles and clothes…and you can’t help but notice how skinny everyone is!) Continue Reading →

decorative skeps

September 1, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Why we keep bees in boxes, and discovering an old skep

***Our market will be closed on Sunday, September 3rd, for Labor Day.***

Ever wonder why we keep bees in wooden boxes? It’s because it’s easy to inspect and manipulate the bees using these hives with removable frames. In fact, in South Carolina, it’s the only “legal” way to keep bees because the state inspector must be able to do a thorough inspection in the event of suspected honey bee ailments. Here’s a picture of some of these modern Langstroth hives in our apiary here on Fox Trot Farm.

modern langstroth hives

Modern Langstroth Hives

Prior to Rev. Langstroth’s invention of his “modern” hive with removable frames, beekeepers commonly used “skeps.” That’s what you see in pictures and even embossed on our gorgeous one-pound “Muth” jars of honey we sell here at our farm market. Here’s a drawing of a skep…I’m sure you’ll recognize it now. Continue Reading →


August 30, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

My Pennsylvania Dutch Country Vacation

***We will be closed this Sunday, September 3rd, for Labor Day.***

Last week I drove to Pennsylvania to spend a few days with my aunt who comes to visit ME for two weeks every spring. I hadn’t been back in a couple of years, so when Farmer Bob made the suggestion that I take a vacation, I was excited to go!

I’m from Pennsylvania Dutch country, near Lancaster County, PA, and it sure did feel good to get back to all those familiar towns, foods, shopping, quilt shops, and the sight of Amish buggies on the road. Aunt Ina drove me past my grandmothers’ and great grandmother’s houses to see them…sure brought back lots of memories. I was so pleased to see them all occupied by families that love them. My favorite grandmother’s (Aunt Ina’s mother) house is for sale. I sure hope someone nice buys it. Here’s my great grandparents’ farm:

0822171335_HDR-2 0822171339_HDR-2

I got to see my great aunt’s big old Victorian house, too. I can still “walk” through that house in my memory…even smell her chicken roasting. Isn’t that funny how so much memory is tied up in aromas? Grandma Heller’s house is chicken corn soup and sour cherry pies, Grandma Hoffman’s house is breakfast eggs frying in butter, Great Aunt Vida’s house is roast chicken and lima beans. I never was in my Great Grandmother Kimmel’s house on the farm….she and Grandpa Kimmel died long before I was born. I imagine it smelled like apple pies…Grandma said there was an apple orchard behind the house where, as a child, she would hide in the trees to read her books when there was work to be done. 🙂

We spent one day in Lancaster County. Most people know that as “Amish Country.” It really is the home of a large group of Amish families and beautiful farms. Towns have funny names: Bird in Hand, Intercourse, Blue Ball. Buffets in restaurants are called “smorgasbords,” and here’s a picture of me with Aunt Ina enjoying some traditional PA Dutch food at the Bird in Hand Family Restaurant. If you click on that link, you can go to their website and see the menu for some of the dishes they have. Yummy! Continue Reading →