Fox Trot Farm

Dorper/Katahdin Sheep, Lamb, Fresh Eggs, and HNYB Apiaries

This is my favorite of the show!

July 27, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Quilters of South Carolina Quilt Expo

You all know that I am big time into quilting, and so I couldn’t miss this year’s Quilters of South Carolina Expo (quilt show)! One of my quilty/beek/soap making girl friends and I spent the better part of the day together, and that was an added bonus!

If you’re never been to a quilt show (or expo), you really should go at least one time when you have the opportunity. Quilting is art work! It’s like visiting a huge gallery filled with beautiful work by many different hands….so many different styles and colors and textiles are used. If you are a quilter, then HELLO VENDOR ROW!!!! I must admit that I was inspired by the quilts and broke by the time I finished with the vendors! (hahahaha) I DID get a few things: Continue Reading →

Sheep on Fox Trot Farm

July 23, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Meet Martha & Pork Chop!

We’ve added a pot belly pig and a Leicester Longwool ewe to our farm!

Farmer Bob and I do want to get pigs eventually (after he retires), but when my friend called to tell me someone dropped a pot belly pig off at her farm and her horses didn’t get along with it…did I want it…I talked it over with Farmer Bob and we decided to give him a try. Easier to learn about pigs from one little one, is the way we figured. So, I picked up Pork Chop in his crate and brought him home! Here he is:

Potty Belly Pig

Pork Chop

He’s so foreign to me…I’ve never had a pig! But his cute and friendly personality has grown on me! I think he might have been hand raised…maybe in a house…because he is content to be in a crate and comes right over to be petted. He doesn’t jump on me or try to bite, and he LOVES tomatoes and corn cobs and cantaloupe and watermelon. He loves to eat! He’s a PIG! hahahaha When you come to visit, he’ll come right up to his fence to be petted…ever felt a pig’s bristles? I think we’ll keep him! Continue Reading →

July 1, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Happy Independence Day!

We hope that you and yours will celebrate the founding of our great nation in grand style….with family and friends close by, cookouts (lamb!), and swimming and fun fun fun! We’ll be celebrating, too, so we’ll be closed this coming Sunday, July 2nd, but will be open on Sunday, the 9th. 

Call or text if you need anything this week. 803-804-3541. Have a safe and fun holiday and don’t forget the reason we are celebrating. Stop to give a moment of thanks to our brave ancestors and brilliant Founding Fathers for making this day possible, and talk with your children about our history. America truly is the greatest country on earth!


May 28, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Memorial Day Weekend at Fox Trot Farm

***It’s a beautiful Memorial Day Sunday at Fox Trot Farm! Our farm market is open to the public from 1:00-5:00 this afternoon, May 28th, and our guided tour begins at 2:00!***

Home made Amish Friendship Bread and pound cakes all made with our own honey!

honey and beeswax soap at fox trot farm

Honey & Beeswax Soap at Fox Trot Farm

Saturday was a very busy day! We now have an apprentice, and I’ll have more about that on a future post. Yesterday was Emily’s second day working with us, and she was a great help. We wormed sheep, vaccinated lambs, and tagged ears, and then cleaned out brooder houses and moved one down to the yard. Emily helped get that project done, too, and helped me move the new chicks into their house. They were so thrilled with all the space, and flitted and fluttered all over their house. You can see them when you come to the farm.

Memorial Day Weekend on Fox Trot Farm

Cookie is our little farm mascot, always ready for a belly rub from friends and strangers alike. She loves children, too. Such a calm and sweet little girl, it’s hard to believe she was a rescue. We are so lucky to have her and she loves her life here on our farm.


Gracie sure is growing fast! I’ve started halter training her because I won’t always be able to just pick her up to put here where I want her to be. She still follows me around, step for step, and loves cuddles. Getting her back into her pen is a challenge, however, because she’d much rather stay with me. Although she “helps” me with many of my outside chores, I draw the line at her coming into the house (except for a brief visit for me to grab a hat or something like that). She’s not that different from human children in that she doesn’t always understand why I want her to do something, or not do something, but she needs to do what I want even if she doesn’t understand. As she gets bigger and heavier, being able to lead her willingly will be crucial, since she’s going to be one of our farm ambassadors to welcome visitors.

Gracie on Fox Trot Farm

It’s hard to beat our farm fresh eggs because our hens enjoy a life in the sunshine and fresh air of our farm, and it shows in the deep hue of the yolks and tight albumen of the whites. I use them in all my baking because they are so fresh and full of nature’s goodness. We hope you will, too! They are STILL just $3.50/dozen or 4 dozen for $12. Can you believe it?


This Memorial Day we hope that you will be proud to fly our American flag and remember all those brave Americans who have given their lives so that we may continue to live in the greatest country on Earth. I tuck little flags into tiny corners of our house and we also fly Old Glory proudly from our front porch. It’s such an honor to be an American.


Come see us on the farm every Sunday afternoon from 1:00-5:00. Our guided tour is at 2:00, and the farm market is full of Granny Bee’s baked goods, our very own processed lamb and fresh free hens’ brown and blue eggs, soaps and spa wash cloths, and lovely items from our Fox Trot Farm Quilt Shop. 


Peeps on Fox Trot Farm

May 24, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

We have peeps! (And our farm feature on SC ETV!)

Did you see us on Making It Grow on SC ETV? We were very pleased with everything, except Farmer Bob and I both noticed that we are enjoying Granny Bee’s baking a little too much. 😉

If you missed the show, you can find it right HERE. If you’d like to come for a visit, we’re open every Sunday (unless posted here and on our Facebook page) from 1:00-5:00. We do a guided tour at 2:00 for just $5/person and that takes about an hour and a half. (Be sure to wear closed toe shoes because you’ll be walking gentle trails that are gravel and forest floor, and some grass.) There will be lots of goodies in the farm market from Granny Bee’s bakery, soap made from our honey and beeswax, quilted treasures, farm fresh eggs and our delicious processed lamb.

I just love to get peeps in the mail, and this time we got a delivery of 40 little fluffy cuties! It will be 6 months or so till these girls start laying eggs, so we always have to plan ahead. This time we ordered four varieties: Production Reds (for their large brown eggs almost every day), Golden Comets (also for large brown eggs), Araucanas (for their pretty blue-green eggs), and Cuckoo Marans (for their dark chocolate brown colored eggs). Even though they’re still just babies, you can see which chicks are which breed. They fit in one brooder box right now, but they are growing fast and I’ll soon have to split them between two brooder boxes. Keep your fingers crossed that Farmer Bob will get the new hen house built before these little darlings outgrow their brooders! Continue Reading →

Quilts at River's Edge

May 22, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Aunt Ina’s Visit & a Quilty Field Trip with Friends

I’ve been so lucky the past three weeks to have family visiting. First it was my cousin, Jenny, who came down from New Jersey for our Third Annual Homeplace Quilting Retreat. Here’s Jenny with her beautiful Attic Windows quilt:

Jenny with attic windows quilt

Jenny with Attic Windows Quilt

Farmer Bob drove to PA on a Saturday to pick up Aunt Ina, Jenny went home the next morning and Bob and Aunt Ina pulled in that evening. We had a great two weeks together, and they went really fast! Continue Reading →

Fox Trot Farm Leg of Lamb with Rosemary

May 21, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Rainy Afternoon

***We will be open on Memorial Day Sunday for tours and our market will be fully stocked.***

Rainy Afternoon

It’s gonna be a rainy afternoon on Fox Trot Farm, so no tours today, Sunday, May 21. Our market will be open for egg and lamb sales only. We are grateful for the rain on our pastures.  


Fox Trot Farm Rack of Lamb

May 18, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

We’re going to be on TV!

***Tune in to SC ETV at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 23rd to see Fox Trot Farm featured on Making It Grow!***

We’re excited to share the good news that our farm is going to be featured on TV next week on the SC ETV (public television) show Making It Grow! You can tune in at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday to watch, or go to their website to watch the full episode after it airs. (Links follow.) Look for SC ETV on your guide…on our DirecTV it’s channel 30.

Last year while Bob and I were visiting the SC State Fair, I spied the show’s host, Amanda McNulty, sitting at the SC ETV booth and I couldn’t wait to meet her in person. (She’s quite a character and a brilliant, nationally acclaimed horticulturalist.) Here is a picture Farmer Bob took of Amanda and me at the fair.

Amanda McNulty at the SC State Fair with Debbie Burgess of Fox Trot Farm

Meeting Amanda McNulty at the SC State Fair

Continue Reading →

Mother's Day Visitors to Fox Trot Farm

May 15, 2017
by Deborah Burgess

Mother’s Day on Fox Trot Farm

We had a GREAT Mother’s Day on Fox Trot Farm! It started with a delicious breakfast prepared by Farmer Bob. Our own yummy eggs, served with cheesy grits, crispy bacon, and toasted homemade biscuits. On the side was a bowl of fresh strawberries and bananas. What a great way to start the day!


Then came our farm market and visitors who arrived in time for the 2:00 guided tour! Oh my! What a fun time we had! Farmer Bob and I are usually so busy talking that we forget to take pictures, so we always appreciate when our visitors later share the pictures they take. Here are some that Farmer Bob and I took. The darling little boy, Ollie, was so adorable and excited about all the animals. He heard the lambs bleating and exclaimed, “I hear seeps!!!” hahahaha Continue Reading →